Cách Xoá Dữ Liệu Game Trên Game Center Ios 11, Delete Game Data From Icloud/Game Center

There was a time when it was impossible to save your game data in a video game. Every time you sat down to play it took you back to the start. Now, on an iPhone, it can seem impossible to delete that data, and you’re forever returning to your old saved games.

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You might have just beaten the final boss and want to play it all again. Or maybe you messed up so much at the beginning it’s easier to start from scratch. Perhaps you simply enjoy the getting free goodies and instructions in the game tutorial.

Whatever your reason for wanting to delete game data on your iPhone, it’s often easier said than done. There are more than a few places your iPhone game data can get saved, so we’ve shown you how to find and delete it below.


download the game on a different device

You probably already tried deleting the app and do.w.n.lo.ading it again from the App Store. Once upon a time this would have done the trick. But more often than not these days, you saved game data comes back with the app.

This is great news for people upgrading or restoring their iPhone, who don’t want to lose their game data. But those of us looking for a clean slate need to search a little harder to find it.

Without knowing which game you’re playing, we can’t say exactly how to delete the data from your iPhone. It could be in any of the following places:

your iPhone storageyour iCloud or Game Center accountone of your social media accountsor your account for that particular game developer.

Instead, try each of the steps below to delete iPhone game data wherever it is stored. And let us know which step worked for your game in the comments at the bottom!

Reset your game data inside the app


Some games, like Rodeo Stampede, save game data to iCloud and sync it to all your devices.

Reset your account with the game developer

Often a game asks you to create an account on the developer’s website. You use this same account for each of the developer’s games and it usually saves your game data.

If you needed to sign into an account for your game, try to delete your game data from that account or create an entirely new account to replace it.

Once again, this means searching through the in-game menus. Look for account management options, and if you don’t find anything in the app try signing in on the developer’s website.

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Sometimes the developer doesn’t give you an option to delete game data. In this case, you need to create a brand new account with the developer and sign into that instead.


We recommend you do.w.n.lo.ad everything from your Apple ID and iCloud account before signing out.

It’s unlikely, but possible, that you need to sign out of your Apple ID to delete the game data on your iPhone. This is an extreme step, but you can try it without risking any data.

Still, we recommend you back up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud first. Just in case. 

From your iPhone Settings, tap your name at the top then scroll down and choose to Sign Out. Enter your Apple ID password if prompted and turn off Find My iPhone. Now choose to keep a copy of all the data on your device — it may take some time to save.

If this successfully resets your game progress, you might consider creating a new Apple ID account to start using. Visit appleid.apple.com to do so. 

You need to add your old and new Apple ID accounts to the same Family Sharing network if you want to keep access to your iTunes and App Store purchases.

download the game on a different device

Finally, if you have a second iOS device, you could do.w.n.lo.ad and play the game on that instead. This could be an iPad, an iPod touch, or an old iPhone.

Before you do.w.n.lo.ad the game again, make sure you sign out of everything on the second device: Apple ID, iCloud, and Game Center. Otherwise your game data might return when you open the app.

You can use your existing Apple ID account in the App Store, but use a different account for everything else. This is now your gaming device!


If you have multiple devices, do.w.n.lo.ad the game and play it on a different one instead.

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Let us know what game you wanted to reset, and how did you do it in the end? For me, it was Rodeo Stampede and I had to delete data from iCloud.

Or if you’re looking for inspiration on new games to play, check out this post on the best iPhone MMORPGs!

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