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Chicken Invaders 2: Christmas Edition PC Gameplay Release Date: 2002 Platforms: Microsoft Windows Facebook » Subscribe » Chicken Invaders II Christmas Edition, free and safe Chicken Invaders II Christmas Edition latest version: Save your holidays from the intergalactic chickens.

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Just when you thought it was safe to eat chicken again,the chickens have returned with an organized invasionto take over the entire solar system! Journey to eachplanet and fight your way through to save the world(again)!In the first chapter of the Chicken Invaders saga,you defended earth against an invasion of intergalacticchickens seeking revenge for the oppression of theirearthly brethren. However, as you were clearing outthe last of the chicken invaders and were looking forwardto a double chicken burger special at the space burgerbar, the true scale of the problem became apparent:the first invasion was simply a precursor to the chicken”smain assault! Their master plan now becomes clear: toinvade each planet in the solar system and make surethat it is inhabited exclusively by chickens!The time has now come to don your teflon-coated, egg-repulsinghelmet and make the biggest omelette you”ve ever madeas you continue your adventure in the second chapterof Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave. Only you can makea difference. Will you succeed?
Will the future of chickenburgers be secure? Or will you end up as part of themenu in a galactic chicken restaurant?How to download free Chicken Invaders 2 Christmas Edition. The game is divided into 11 planets, each of whichis made up by 10 waves. To advance through each wave,fire your spaceship guns at chickens to destroy themwhile avoiding falling eggs, asteroids, and other dangerousitems. You can increase your spaceship”s firepower aswell as your chances of staying alive by collectingvarious bonuses that appear as chickens are killed.The game ends when you successfully complete all 110waves (wee!), or you lose all your lives (boo!), whichevercomes first. Thereare four main options you can change:Detail (Low/High) The “high” setting displays all optionaleffects. Set this to “low” to speed up thegame by removing some fire and smoke effects.
Thelow setting is recommended for processors slower than200MHz. Lives (Individual/Shared) This option applies only to the two-player game.In the “individual” setting, each playerhas their own separate lives, and if one player losesall lives, the other one continues playing on theirown. In the “shared” setting, lives areshared between players, and if a player dies, a lifeis “borrowed” from the other player. This settingensures that both players play together for as longas possible.
Player (Rookie/Veteran) This option controls the game”s difficulty level.The “rookie” setting is easy and is suitablefor inexperienced players playing Chicken Invadersfor the first time. If you have played Chicken Invaders1, or have extensive experience of Chicken Invaders2, the “veteran” setting is the one foryou. Things are much harder in this level, chickenstake more hits to kill, they fire faster, and somehelpful bonuses are disabled. However, if you playat this level you”ll be able to score three timesas many points as in the “rookie” level,giving you a better chance at the internet high scoretables. It”s your call. It”s your call.
Cheats (Off/On) Enables the cheat keys. This feature is only availablein the registered version of the game. Controls Re-configures the control keys. Each player haskeys for moving left, right, up, down, firing theship”s guns and firing the missiles. Note that eachkey can only be assigned to a single control. Simplyclick on the control you want to re-define, and then:.
To use the keyboard, press the desired keyboardkey. To use a joystick or gamepad, press a joystickbutton or move the stick in the appropriate direction. To use the mouse, click a mouse button or movethe pointer to the corresponding screen edge.For example, to select “mouseup”, movethe pointer to the top of the screen.Although a mouse is not the ideal controller forthis type of game, a few tips may help you get themost out of it. Firstly, moving the mouse fasterwon”t make your ship go any faster, it will justmake you run out of mouse mat space:).
Instead,slowly but steadily move the mouse in the appropriatedirection, and your ship will follow. Secondly,you may find it helpful to only bind the mouse tothe left and right controls. You”ll be at a disadvantagebecause you won”t be able to move up or down, butyour ship will be significantly simpler to control.In addition to the keys you can configure, thefollowing keys may be used:ESC (escape) Press Esc to cancel options, to return to theprevious menu, or to bypass the introductory andcutscene sequences. PAUSE (break) Press Pause to, well, pause the game. This onlyhas an effect while a game is in progress. Chicken Invaders 2 has an extensive skill bonus system.Bonuses boost your score and can be awarded for a varietyof reasons: Appetite Awarded when a whole roast chicken is collected.Charity Awarded at later levels to improve the weapon”spower level if it”s very low. This bonus is only availablein the “rookie” difficulty level.
Destroyer (two-player game only) Awarded at the end of each wave to the player thatkilled the most chickens in that wave.Early Bird Awarded if a chicken is killed within 3 secondsof starting a new wave. Efficiency Awarded at the end of each wave when the numberof chickens killed exceeds the number of times firewas pressed (more easily attainable with higher weaponpower levels).Extra Life Additional life awarded every 1,000,000 points.Firepower Awarded every time a weapon powerup is collected.Life Assist (two-player game only) Awarded to the player that lends a life in orderto keep the other player alive (when the second player”slives have been exhausted). Max Power Awarded when the 11th “hidden” weapon power levelis attained. This can be achieved by collecting 10additional powerups beyond the maximum normal powerlevel (that is, 20 powerups in total). Multi-Kill Awarded every time a group of chickens are killedtogether (no more than 1-second separation betweenkills).Mystery This bonus is so mysterious, even we don”t knowwhat it does. If you find out, let us know. Teamplay (two-player game only) Awarded when the two players share a powerup orweapon bonus.
Bonuses can be shared (both playersreceive the bonus) if both spaceships are positionedon top of one another. Be warned that this is easiersaid than done in the heat of the battle, however. Treasure Awarded when 100 coins have been collected.Weapon Awarded every time a weapon switch bonus (gift box)is collected.Additionally, there is a bonus level available on the9th wave of each planet, just before the final (boss)wave. To access this bonus, you must not fire a missileon any of the previous 8 waves. If two players are playing,neither must use a missile.Weapons Guide.
Your ship is equipped with a multi-purpose gun emplacementthat can accept three different types of weapon:Ion blaster (this is the weapon youstart out with). Good all-purpose weapon with afast re-fire rate and accelerating projectiles.Its main advantage is that it spreads out at higherpower levels, allowing your ship to cover a widerarea. However, it”s difficult to deliver concentratedfirepower with the ion blaster unless you get reallyclose to the enemy.Neutron gun. 25% more powerful than the ion blaster,this weapon can deliver more damage than other weapons,especially at high power levels. Although primarilyfoward-facing, the neutron gun offers some spreadwith increasing power levels. Its main disadvantagesare the average projectile speed and a slow re-firerate.Laser cannon. Fires lightning-fast bolts of focusedenergy, instantly barbecuing any chickens that crossits path.
An extremely fast re-fire rate more thanmakes up for this weapon”s reduced power (20% lessthan the ion blaster). Another limitation is thatthe laser cannon can only shoot directly forward.You can change the weapon type by collecting the differentlycolored presents that sometimes drop down when a chickenis killed. Unfortunately, when you die, your firepoweris halved.Your weapon power can be increased by collecting atomicpowerups. There are 10 normal levels of power. An 11th”secret” power level is given when 20 atomic powerupsare collected (10 beyond the normal limit), but rememberthat you lose half of them every time you die. The 11thpower level more than doubles the strength of your weapon.Your ship is additionally equippedwith a missile launcher.
Missiles are automaticallyguided to the center of the screen, where theyexplode damaging all enemies. An all-powerfulweapon, it can equally be used for offensive ordefensive purposes, as the blast also destroysall enemy projectiles. However, note that usinga missile causes certain bonuses to be disabled.Your ship does not carry any missiles to beginwith. You gain one missile every time you collect25 of the chicken legs that drop down as chickensare killed.If you collect a present for the same weapon type youare already using, then your weapon is powered up instead.Rookie difficulty level only: In later levels, youmay receive “charity” energy powerups at thebeginning of each wave if your weapon power level istoo low.Tips & Tricks.
The following tips and tricks will help you survivefor longer and will increase your chances of a highscore. Caution: This section contains some spoilers!Stop reading if you”d like to maximize your enjoymentby discovering these tricks on your own. Differently-colored chickens give different amountsof points. In order of increasing score, they are:red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink. Unless you”re going for an efficiency bonus, keepfiring, even if chickens are not around. You neverknow when they”ll enter and you”ll score a quick kill.

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Keep moving (especially at higher levels) to shakeoff chickens that attack your current position orlock on and relentlessly pursue you. Keep your distance from chickens. The farther awayyou are, the more time you have to react to incomingeggs. Minimize the time you spend directly underneathchickens. This is the most dangerous place to be sincemost eggs travel straight down. Stay at the bottom of the screen, only moving upwhen absolutely necessary.
This is a relatively safearea of the screen since chickens don”t normally travelthat far down (unless they”re attacking you). Avoid lingering around the edges of the screen,on some waves chickens enter from there and you”llcrash into them before you have a chance to react(although the game will generally try to warn youin these circumstances). Don”t try to kill every single chicken in a waveif that means you have to get dangerously close. Ifa chicken has already gone past you, let it be. Don”trisk being egged in the face at close range.
You canpass through some waves without firing a single shot. If a bonus is dangerously close to a falling egg,consider leaving it alone. No bonus is worth a lostlife. Since missiles damage everything, use them to getpast asteroid waves easily. A nice side-effect ofusing missiles on asteroids is that you collect extrapoints for destroying all of them (it”s virtuallyimpossible to do this with a normal weapon).
On some levels, all chickens arrive on the screenfrom the same spot. Use this to your advantage by”camping” that spot and killing them one by one asthey enter. Be ready to dodge incoming eggs, though.
A highly-powered ion blaster is the best weaponto have on asteroid waves. The faster asteroids are travelling, the more pointsthey are worth. Don”t fire continuously in asteroid waves, it willclutter your vision and make it more likely that you”llcrash into an incoming asteroid.
Instead, navigateyour way through them and fire concentrated burststo clear a path when things get too tight. Or, betterstill, use a missile. The asteroid belt waves always contain bonuses ifyou make it there without using a missile.


Try to tackle berserk chickens one at a time byconcentrating your fire. Having several chickens goingberserk at the same time can get tricky very quickly. Final level: Use missiles to destroy the swarmsof supporting chickens as they appear, allowing youto concentrate on the main boss.
The game can be extremelyhard to finish otherwise. At the end of the game, you are awarded extra pointsfor any remaining lives and missiles, so save themif at all possible for that special boost in yourfinal score. In two player games, stay in your half of the screen.This avoids confusion about which spaceship each playeris controlling. Using different weapons also helps.Try to share bonuses as much as possible (see the”teamplay” bonus).
An exception to thisis the last level: you”ll find it much easier to avoidincoming guided projectiles if both players move closetogether. Did you know? You can gain more points if you playat the veteran difficulty level.Cheat Keys Important note: We suggest you don”tuse the cheat keys unless you are absolutely stuck.Cheat keys can make things too easy and ruin the game”senjoyment. For cheat keys to work, the relevant optionmust be turned on in the menu.
However, and if cheatsare on (regardless of whether a cheat was actually usedduring the game), any high scores achieved will notbe accepted in the internet high score tables. You havebeen warned.
You can and full version games and all about all editions of Chicken Invader 5 by visiting:In this Christmas Edition of Chicken Invaders 5 let’s see what the full version has to offer. Chicken Invaders 5 – Christmas Edition.
Journey to 12 galactic star systems. Fly planetary missions on alien worlds. Fight through 120 waves of invading chickens.

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Discover 12 awesome weapons (plus a secret one!). Upgrade weapons through 12 power levels. Collect 30 unique bonuses. Acquire 15 medals. Unlock 31 secret featuresWatch this video to learn Chicken Invaders 5 – Christmas Edition.

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