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A lot of our clients need to have their SRT caption or subtitle files converted into other formats so that they could be used with various types of software. For this reason, we created our own subtitles/captions converter. In this way, our clients are able to convert SRT files by themselves at their convenience. This is a great way to make your files more versatile!
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SBV – This file format is used by Youtube videos (closed captions and subtitles). You do.w.n.lo.ad captions from Youtube in this format.

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– Used for DVD, web media, and Line 21 broadcast closed captions. Also used by iPods, iPads, iPhones, and iTunes.
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– A very common file type, supported by a variety of subtitle creation programs and many software video players, for example, on Facebook or Youtube.
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– SSA stands for Sub Station Alpha. It's the file format used by the popular subtitle editor, SubStation Alpha. This format is widely used by fansubb
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– Timed Text Markup Language. It is used for exchanging timed text information between legacy content formats.

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One of the bigger advantages of choosing hoanhtao3d.vn is that it can cater for the more complex projects you may need to handle
Many podcasters use transcription services like hoanhtao3d.vn to create written records of their broadcasts.
Fortunately, transcription services such as hoanhtao3d.vn, can help you out. hoanhtao3d.vn uses humans (freelancers) to transcribe your files, not an automatic speech…

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Services provided were extremely professional. The website is easy to use, the support team answered all my questions almost immediately, I received all my data in time, very well transcribed and I received regular updates of the order progress. I have had a very nice experience and will comeback to use these services.
For academic research use, this service was very easy to use in terms of uploading audio files and accessing the final product. All but one of the files was completed well before the end of the time period I specified, and the quality is very good. It was also helpful that the transcription could be do.w.n.lo.aded in various file formats (.txt, .docx, etc.).

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