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Are you also Are you finding a reliable solution for how to crack MS Word password ? Have you forgotten the password that you set on your word file 2007, 2010 or 2013 document? So, here we cover the best solution for “how to crack Microsoft word document password?”..

Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss the manual tricks that will help users to crack / Break VBA Password protection in an efficient way.

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What is VBA File?

Visual Basic for Applications is a component of Microsoft Office, it is also known as VBA. It is used by many applications of Microsoft such as Excel, Access, word, etc. This is an extension of visual basic file and consists of visual basic source code. Furthermore, it is a file format which is used for adding the functionality to MS Office. This is why most users kept these file protected using a password. Henceforth, there is always a possibility that users can forgot or lost the password. Apart from all this, the need for a manual as well an automated solution, is required. So, let’s discuss how to crack Microsoft word password in the next section.

How to crack MS Word Password With Manual Approach

With the help of manual approach, users can easily crack MS word 2007, 2010 or 2013 password protection without any hassle. Some of them are discussed below in a descriptive manner.

crack VBA Excel Password for old XLS Files

Step 1: First, open file in Hex Editor

Step 2: Then, find the text “DPB=”


Step 3: Modify it as “Dbx=” now save and close the file.


Step 4: In the next step, Open the file in MS Excel and click on Yes in case this warning pops up in the screen as “The project fileD;/ProtectedVBA.xls’ contains invalid key ‘Dpx’.- Continue Loading Projects?”

Step 5: Now, Open VBA editor via Alt+F11 or in Hex Editor and then click on OK Button, at the time when “Unexpected error (40230)” warning pops up.

Step 6: Once it’s completed, make a right-click on VBA filename >> e properties option >> and move to protection. Then delete the available passwords and unmark Lock Project for viewing box.


Step 7: Finally, click on OK for exit and you can see the VBA code is now accessible to crack MS word document password.

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Step 8: Finally, click on OK for exit and you can see the VBA code is now accessible.

Limitations of Manual Approach

Using this approach, it is almost next to possible to recover lengthy VBA file. Manual method involves so many steps, therefore it is complicated to accomplish the entire taskWhen a user selected manual method to crack MS word password protection, then the original folder structure may get disturbed.The Manual approach is difficult to use for non-technical users.

Professional Solution to crack MS Word Password

As above-stated method are quite lengthy and confusing also. So, users should go for a reliable third party tool named as VBA Password Recovery Tool to crack MS word document password. It supports the long as well as multilingual passwords from the VBA file format. It supports all MS office files i.e. .doc, .dot, .xla, .xls, .mbd file type. Also, it has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can understand its layout easily. Here, several prominent features of the tool are mentioned below:

Remove password from individual VBA file document Supports all Microsoft Word files like .doc, .xls, .xla, etc. Recover VBA password of any length or any type of VBA fileEliminate older password and generate a newer VBA passwordTool compatible with all Windows versions & MS Office (32/64 bit)

If a user forgot the password and he/she tried a different combination of a password to crack password protected Microsoft word document. At that time, users can even take help of VBA Password Remover Software to crack Microsoft Word Password easily.

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 With this application, users can also recover any size or type of VBA file.

The Final Words

Nowadays, the most common search among the users is how to crack MS Word password. In the above discussion, we have explained manual Solution in a detailed manner. Also, we have suggested an alternate solution i.e. VBA Excel Password Remover. This application is designed in such a way to crack password protected Microsoft word document with an ease. Even, we have mentioned some unique features that will help to crack Microsoft Word password protection in 2007, 2010, 2013, or other below versions without any difficulty.

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