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iGameGuardian for iOS is among the best game hacking apps for Apple devices at the moment and is loaded with useful features that go far any beyond what you would expect for a normal memory editor for iOS. It will allow you to find and change almost any kind of money value, gems or other game currencies without any problems – even if they should be hidden or encrypted. However, just like most if not all game editing and hacking apps, it requires JAILBREAK to be installed and a ROOTED iOS to be able to actually do its job. It is worth the effort, because it can be applied in normal apps and online games alike and it’s the closes you will get to Cheat Engine on your apple iOS devices.

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Features:– Scanning and finding any stored memory value (Money, Health, Gems, Skill Points, Gold ect). Scan in Auto mode for greatest chance of success. – Scanning for values that have been hidden or encrypted by the developers is possible. – Speedhacks and system time skip features for skipping time through system clock and process speed. – Separate install of “stealth app” to make the app undetectable by online games. – Ideal app to hack games yourself and get all the goodies in most offline games easily. – One of the best memory editors for iOS. – Runs on 32bit and 64bit devices.


iGameGuardian download:


How to download and Install iGameGuardian:

Jailbrake + Root your device using Pangu / Taig (important: ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This can brick your device!)This will make the Cydia Appstore available to you (Apple appstore alternative for jailbroken devices.)Go to: Manage > Sources > Add > “https://mohadu31.com/” (Repo)Install GameGuardian for your iOS version (iOS 8, 9, 10, 11 ect)Go to your Library Flder and Delete ‘IGG cracked by jsam.plist’ file or whatever the file is called in your version.Start iGameGuardian as system applicationStart hacking your games


How to Use GameGuardian (Video) – Works for iOS as well:


Official Updates and Support for iGameGuardianAs far as we are aware, the original developers of the iOS iGG have halted their work on the app, which is why the only versions for later iOS versions after 6/8 are usually modded ones that have been recompiled to work with newer devices and OS updates.

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So be very careful when do.w.n.lo.ading any shady repositories and do your research into their legitimacy before you install anything from there. Please be careful and know that cheating in games is a lot harder on apple devices than on other mobile platforms, which is why these developers probably left for good.

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“Initialization filed message” may appear if your phone is not rooted. Testing required to see if iGameGuardian ist compatible with IOS 8 and iOS 10. Please tell us about issues here.




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