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If you are testing an evaluation version of Windows 10 and decided to upgrade to the full version, you will face a stumbling block. The evaluation version offered is of the Enterprise edition but Microsoft does not support any way to convert the evaluation version to a fully licensed version of enterprise edition! You cannot change the edition with DISM commands or using any other method. Even if you the ISO image of the enterprise edition of Windows 10 and try to upgrade the existing “evaluation” OS, it will not allow you to proceed. Here is a workaround which lets you upgrade Windows 10 Evaluation to the Full version easily.


Using a simple Registry tweak, we can unblock the upgrade and use the setup program of the full version on the installed Windows 10 evaluation edition. This will preserve all installed apps and settings. Follow these simple steps:

Change the EditionID value data from EnterpriseEval to Enterprise. Next, change the value data of the ProductName value from Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation to Windows 10 Enterprise.

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Now you can upgrade it using the regular Enterprise ISO image! After the upgrade, it is possible to activate the upgraded OS using your regular KMS server or MAK key.

That's it! Using the same trick, you can also change the edition from Enterprise to Windows 10 Pro if you need. It works like a charm.

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51 thoughts on “Upgrade Windows 10 Evaluation to Full version easily”

pradeep March 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

this is not work properly in my windows 10 eva

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Kwesi April 21, 2016 at 10:25 pm

Thanks, man. Worked perfectly!

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jori June 4, 2016 at 2:11 am

Where did you get the “regular Enterprise iso image”? Or do you mean purchasing the Win 10 upgrade license through volume licensing and using that with the operation above?

Sergey Tkachenko Post authorJune 4, 2016 at 1:01 pm

It is not my business where the user got the Enterprise ISO image. The article assumes that you have it, regardless the method you used to get it.

jori June 6, 2016 at 9:02 pm

Yes but it is an unhelpful article if the full Enterprise iso cannot be do.w.n.lo.aded or otherwise purchased

mame December 4, 2016 at 7:14 pm

I followed the steps accordinglly but all the time I get an error after 10% of Installation saying “error on Installation of Windows 10” Is there any log file to see what went wrong? Or someone please have an idea f what went wrong?

EP June 4, 2017 at 6:34 pm

try creating a Win10 enterprise install media to a USB flash drive. then run the Win10 enterprise install thru the usb drive. I sometimes get installation errors because of bad installation media thru DVD media.

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Jon Cook July 13, 2017 at 4:58 pm

This doesn’t appear to work with the latest version of the evaluation (Build 1563.rs2_release. 170317-1834)

If I go through the setup with the Windows 10 Enterprise ISO then I only get offered a new install

Konstantin Dolgachev January 30, 2019 at 10:26 am

For Build 17763 you need change this values in registry: CompositionEditionID: EnterpriseS EdidtionID: EnterpriseS ProductNasme: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019

madhuronda July 14, 2017 at 3:18 pm

Hello Sergey, I installed windows enterprise eval. I changed the EditionID value data from EnterpriseEval to Enterprise. I changed ProductName value from Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation to Windows 10 Enterprise. I used KMSpico 10.2.1Final and successfully completed installation Now Windows got activated!!! but windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation license message gets displayed on bottom right.what do you think happened? I’ll see tomorrow if “windows License valid for 86days” changes or not regardless of that, windows “evaluation” system got activated.can I get rid of evaluation message too from desktop? any comments?

thanks & cheers, madhuronda, system admin vijayawada,India <14-Jul-17>

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Ghindana65 July 25, 2017 at 1:31 pm

Thanks so much dear. Keep up posting good work.

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DataMan December 23, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Hi, Constructive criticism to follow Gents; your article is full of holes. Firstly there are three locations within the CurrentVersion that refer to Evaluation. Secondly and more importantly; the procedure Fails. Suffice to say I don’t believe you actually completed this process ‘Completely, from start to finish’ I believe you probably searched the registry, found a couple of familiar evaluation references, changed them, then kicked off the Enterprise install as an Upgrade. WOW – could have saved you a little time and suggest you use the DISM tools and follow the Microsoft Articles regarding there use. only limitation is that you can not change edition to an online install – you need to make a windows PE boot disk, boot off it, create an image of the Enterprise Evaluation installation, mount the image, run a couple of commands to modify the edition and insert the product key and Bam! your all good to go and rollout the image. Just Sayin…

Tom June 1, 2018 at 2:00 am

Thanks, Sergey! 3 years later and this still works perfectly. I just did it with the latest W10 1803 Enterprise EVAL with no issues and it really saved me from the needless pain of having to reinstall everything.

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Toni19 September 30, 2019 at 5:09 pm

do your resolved the problem of 1903 version?

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Dan March 10, 2020 at 5:58 pm

The Whole Fix:

I have just spend over a week resolving this issue for a client, this was resolving the issue on a 1909 build. Please see the whole process below:

1) Ensure Windows Enterprise Eval is Fully Patched (This Part Is the key to resolving the issue)

2) download the ISO that matches the same language of the Eval In My Case it was GB so I do.w.n.lo.aded the following: SW_DVD9_Win_Pro_10_1909.2_64BIT_Eng_Intl_Pro_Ent_EDU_N_MLF_X22-26618.ISO

3) Mount the ISO

4) Change: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion: CompositionEditionID to Enterprise EditionID to Enterprise ProductName to Windows 10 Enterprise

5) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion CompositionEditionID to Enterprise EditionID to Enterprise ProductName to Windows 10 Enterprise

6) Run Setup on the Mounted ISO. (Please note you only have around 5 mins to start the upgrade in step 6 before the registry reverts back)

You will know it works, as you will get a checking for update screen which goes from 0% to 100 %

It will then ask you if your ready to upgrade, this will keep, applications, settings & profiles.

I also managed complete this by using MDT litetouch.vbs and PDQ to automate the issue as it was 110 users who this effected.

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Hope this will help someone out of a IT departmental nightmare.

Jerry March 11, 2021 at 1:44 pm


Works like a charm! Tested on a AWS EC2 instance with October 2020 Widnows Enterprise Evaluation. If someone try this with a remote instance note there was like 30-45 min until I was able to reconnect to the instance with RDP

note: to get a ISO of the enterprise versión y did the media creation tools and used the comand:

.MediaCreationTool20H2.exe /Eula Accept /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaLangCode en-US /MediaEdition Enterprise

When requested I used the generic code provided by Microsoft: NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43 You still will need to license the OS after the procedure

Kind Regards

From Windows 10 enterprise Eval to Windows 10 enterprise

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