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When someone forgets the password of the laptop it really is something very difficult thing to retrieve. It is one of the characteristic of Samsung laptops that when someone puts a wrong password and tries to unlock the laptop, you will be locked out of Samsung laptop for few hours. When someone puts the right password, only at that point of time the user of the Samsung laptop can access the files and documents of the laptop, the user is unable to access the stuff of the laptop if the user has entered wrong password.

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When someone puts the wrong password, and he realizes that it would be impossible to login in to the Windows. The user only feels that the only option that can help the user is to reinstall the Windows where there are also chances that the data can be deleted as well. There are two ways which can help to unlock Samsung laptop password. These solutions are not that much tricky. The solutions for how to reset Samsung laptop password are as follows:

Method 1. Unlock Samsung Laptop Password by making the use of CMD

Command prompt can be used to reset the password if account added to the Samsung laptop does not have administrative rights. There are different methods to make the use of command prompt in the Windows which are locked. Safe mode can be used and on the other side bootable Windows disc can also be used to access the command prompt option.

Safe mode may require authentication so bootable Windows disc is appropriate one to use. Following are the steps to use this:

Step 1: Insert bootable Windows CD/DVD.

Step 2: After inserting the CD/DVD, restart computer and an option to boot from disc will appear. Any key can be pressed to boat.

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Step 3: After that, Windows installation Window option can be seen. Click next and after that click on “Repair your computer”.

Step 4: Click installed Windows click on “next”. In system recovery options, one can see the command prompt. To start CMD, click on it. To change “Ease of access” option with CMD, type the following command.

cd C:WindowsSystem32 ren utilman.exe utilman_bak.exe copy cmd.exe utilman.exe exit


If you don’t want to reinstall or restore Samsung laptop to factory settings, you will try these 3 methods, they can help you.

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The different methods that have been described above for how to reset Samsung laptop password have significance. These are the commonly practice that is used by the users who get their accounts blocked. Care must be taken while doing work on laptop. But there is no need to get panicked if someone has unintentionally got his Samsung laptop account blocked or forgotten. The above solutions are authentic and genuine and have been used in an effective way. One of the most authentic and genuine method that is used is Windows Password Reset tool which is a very convenient and easy method to follow. As compared to other methods, this method is easy. Apart from that this method is suitable for all the Windows.

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