Đăng Nhập Bitcoin Coinbase Wallet Faq, Attention Required!

What’s the difference between the hoanhtao3d.vn app and the hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app?

The hoanhtao3d.vn app (available on iOS and Android) is the company”s product for individuals looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, also available at hoanhtao3d.vn.com. It is an easy, secure, regulated on-ramp to crypto using US dollars or other local fiat currencies. You can safely store crypto on hoanhtao3d.vn so you don’t have to worry about managing your own private keys. hoanhtao3d.vn.com and the mobile apps are available in more than 100 countries.

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The hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app is a separate, standalone app that allows users to store, or custody, their own crypto, and explore the decentralized web with a dapp browser. You do not need a hoanhtao3d.vn account to use the hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app. hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn helps users manage their own private keys and store their crypto assets directly on their devices, not with a centralized brokerage or exchange. You cannot connect hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn to your bank account to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with US Dollars or other fiat currencies. You can do.w.n.lo.ad and use hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn anywhere in the world.

Why should I use hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn?

hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn is a software product that gives you access to a wide spectrum of decentralized innovation – buy and store ERC-20 tokens, participate in airdrops and ICOs, collect rare digital art and other collectibles, browse decentralized apps (DApps), shop at stores that accept cryptocurrency, and send crypto to anyone around the world.

If you’re looking to simply invest in digital currency – hoanhtao3d.vn Consumer at hoanhtao3d.vn.com remains the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your digital currency.

Can I switch from my existing hoanhtao3d.vn app like Metamask, MyEtherhoanhtao3d.vn, etc.?

Yes, you can. Every hoanhtao3d.vn uses a private key to secure its assets which you can import into hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn. Just look for the 12 word recovery phrase or mnemonic in the settings menu of your current hoanhtao3d.vn and then use that same 12 word phrase to sign into hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn.

How do I protect against losing access to my funds?

hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn is a user-controlled, non-custodial product. The app generates a 12 word recovery phrase which is what gives you, and only you, access to your account to move received funds. hoanhtao3d.vn will never have access to this seed, meaning that we cannot move funds on your behalf even if you lose access to your recovery phrase.

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We built an encrypted Google Drive and iCloud recovery phrase backup feature to help protect against seed loss. We encourage you to back up your recovery phrase using both the cloud backup feature as well as writing down your recovery phrase and storing it in a secure location. To access the backup features, tap Settings, and then Recovery Phrase.

Can I transfer funds between hoanhtao3d.vn.com and hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn?

Yes you can transfer funds between both products at any time. You can link your hoanhtao3d.vn.com account to hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn from the settings page of your hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app.

Connecting your accounts allows you to quickly and easily move funds between your hoanhtao3d.vn.com and hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn accounts. To transfer funds from hoanhtao3d.vn.com to hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn go to Settings in your hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app and select Transfer. To transfer funds from hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn to hoanhtao3d.vn.com click Send on the hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn app home screen below your balance. Then select the currency and amount you’d like to transfer. When prompted to enter the address you would like to send to, select hoanhtao3d.vn under suggested.

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All transfers between your hoanhtao3d.vn.com and hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn account are not instant transactions. They are completed on-chain and require confirmation on the network before being processed. All transfers from hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn to hoanhtao3d.vn.com will be subject to hoanhtao3d.vn.com’s availability to withdraw periods and any restrictions outlined in Terms

What should I remember when sending or receiving cryptocurrency?

If you are sending an ERC-20 token (eg. USDC, DAI, BAT, MKR etc.): You will need ETH in your hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn account in order to pay a miner’s fee when sending this cryptocurrency. This is because ERC-20 tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and transactions on the Ethereum network, such as sending ERC 20 tokens, require Ether.

You can send cryptocurrency using a cryptocurrency address, hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn username, or ENS (Ethereum Name Service for ETH/ERC-20). hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn does not support sends to email addresses.

All hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn transactions are processed on the blockchain. In the event you send funds to the incorrect address, hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn will not be able to recover funds.

How do I get help with hoanhtao3d.vn hoanhtao3d.vn?

To contact our support team, please visit the following page to submit a request: https://help.hoanhtao3d.vn.com/en/contact-us.html.



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