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Login Policy




Block user login for accounts that exceed a number of failed attempts

Check this option to block users for a specified length of time, if they exceed the given number of consecutive failed login attempts. Set the value in the text box to the number of allowed attempts (5 in the above screenshot)

Block user login for (Min):

Specify how many minutes a user should be blocked for, if they exceed the failed login attempts number (10 minutes in the above screenshot).

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Account is blocked each time for the whole specified interval. Correct password entering does not decrease the interval.

Login policy mode

Choose one of two options:

Do not block but delay authentication process

If a user enters an incorrect password, the authentication procedure will be delayed by 30 seconds.

If the user then enters the correct password, they are still delayed by 30 seconds but after that there is no delay.

Block account for specified amount of time

If a user enters an incorrect password, the account access is blocked for the amount of time specified above.

If a user is blocked, login.dat file is created in their mail folder. Also, it is shown on the – User tab. The Unblock button is presented to unblock the user. Clicking it deletes the users login.dat file. User blocking is logged in the Maintenance logs (Status – Logs) – can be enabled in System – Logging.

Require administrator authentication to access the system settings

Check this option to have the hoanhtao3d.vn Server console ask for a user/password combination when it is started.

The user entered must be an administrator.

NOTE: In the case you have forgotten your administrator password (definitely very rare situation), you can use the following command to disable it: tool modify system c_gui_auth 0.

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NOTE: Login Policy settings apply to all types of authentication in hoanhtao3d.vn Server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.)




Users login with their usernames/ email addresses

You can choose whether users have to use their email addresses or their usernames to login to the system.

If you have a large number of domains and accounts, it is advisable to use login with email address. This will reduce mail authentication and login time as hoanhtao3d.vn Server will be able to locate the account more quickly. Using this option also allows you to have the same user/password combination in different domains.

Convert characters % and / to
in a username.

If you wish to use the login with email address option then you should check this option so that your users have the option to login with % or / in the email address.


user%hoanhtao3d.vndemo.com would be converted to user




Use account login IP restrictions

Enabling this option offers you an IP security system to ensure that particular accounts can only access the hoanhtao3d.vn Server from specific IP addresses. Rules are stored in a file which can be created and edited by pressing the Login Restriction button.

Login Restrictions…

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Pressing this button will open a dialog where you can create or edit your IP restriction rules. This applies to all services.

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