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I understand that I need to log in to wamp server in order to create a database. My problem is that the phpmyadmin page opens without asking me to log in. So, I presume that I am not logged in. If so, I do not know how to log out. I know this is so basic but I am stuck here. Thanks for any advice.

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The default username is “root”default password is “” (empty/blank).

if u want to know the passwordgo to wamp installation pathappsfor example C:wampappsphpmyadmin2.10.1in this path u can fine the file named “config.inc.php”open that file with any text editor and search for$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"password">the password had been stored in this variable.

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Also check outhttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/4420894/wamp-server-mysql-user-id-and-password



Thanks but I know the username and password but I do not get anywhere to use it. There is no link to log out. It does not ask to log in. Where can I log in or out? Chaski –user3159862 Jan 4 “14 at 9:29
if you are presumably logged in, then click on “Databases” tab inside phpMyAdmin, then type in a name for your database and click “Create”. –KarlosFontana Jan 4 “14 at 9:56
Just go to Wamp Directory on your window and check phpmyadmin in apps folder inside wamp.

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Open config.inc.php and go on line 28.

Just put new password or remove it as per your need:

/* Authentication type */

$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"verbose"> = “mysql wampserver”;//$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"auth_type"> = “cookie”;$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"auth_type"> = “config”;$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"user"> = “root”;$cfg<"Servers"><$i><"password"> = “”;



What I can also recommend is do.w.n.lo.ading the latest phpMyAdmin from http://www.phpmyadmin.net.Then unzip the folder to C:wampphpMyAdmin-4.1.3-all-languagesThen launch

(http://localhost/phpMyAdmin-4.1.3-all-languages/index.php) now it should only ask you for username (root) and password (blank/none/empty)


I was given the option to log on again after no activity for a certain period of time. I also copied these files as you suggested and now that problem is solved. Thanks for your help. Chaski –user3159862 Jan 4 “14 at 11:39
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