Daum Cafe Đăng Nhập – — How To Make A Daum Account

If you’re familiar with fancafe, you’ll be familiar with DAUM.

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Daum is one of the top 3 Korean websites in Korea. Daum is like Yahoo. You have mail, groups, news, etc. buteverything is in Korean.

You don’t need to be a Korean citizen to register in Daum. Here are the 10 explained steps on how to make an account in Daum.net


STEP 1:Go todaum.netand at the right side, click on the bolded words 회원가입(the one that’s encircled below)


STEP 2:You will be redirected to this page, asking you to type in your email for your registration (e.g your hotmail / gmail email adress). Tick the boxes for terms and conditions too!


STEP 3:Fill in your personal details for your Daum account. Please take into account that the Daum ID you choose here will be your login ID!

If the bottom text under your ID says ’사용하실 수 없는 아이디입니다.’, this means that your ID is not available.

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STEP 4:You will next be redirected to this page, asking you to check your email in the next 12 hours to confirm your account. Click on the blue button to finish your registration.

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STEP 5:Your email will have a message from Daum which looks like the one below. Click on the link provided and it will redirect you to Daum.


STEP 6:Now you are free to log in and out of Daum!

Having a daum account now assures you can join any fancafe, but increasing your fancafe rank is a different story~

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