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DraStic DS Emulator is an emulator that allows you to runNintendo DS games on Android Smartphones. Currently, the application isavailable on Play Store for $ 4.99. DraStic DS is not the first Nintendo DSemulator, but it is the best. The app has more than 100 thousand purchases onthe app market. At the moment, the version for iOS is not available. So, whatmakes it a special and the first choice for Nintendo DS emulators on Android?Let’s find it out right now!

History of Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS is a handheld-console of Nintendo. This devicewas officially released in 2004 and quickly created a trend for game lovers.The special thing is that Nintendo DS devices use two monitors, which workindependently and provide a unique experience for the player. Besides, thesecond screen of the device is integrated into the touch operations, allowingplayers to operate on it instead of physical buttons.

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In 2011, Nintendo announced that it had developed a newhandheld-console called Nintendo 3DS to replace NDS. Within about 7 years, theNintendo DS has become one of the best-selling handheld gaming devices in theworld, with more than 150,000 devices sold. Not only because of the uniquedesign and great features, but NDS also owns huge storage of games. It is noexaggeration to say that NDS has changed the video game industry.

Play NDS on Android. Why not?

At present, it’s hard for you to own a Nintendo DS becauseNintendo has stopped developing it for a long time. However, we have other waysto bring the soul of NDS to other platforms like PC or Smartphone. We aretalking about emulators. You can play any NDS Game on Android with a betterpicture quality than on an NDS device.


The essence of NDS is a handheld gaming device, compact thatcan be carried anywhere. Therefore, a smartphone running NDS emulation isextremely suitable. Of course, if you want a perfect game experience, theemulator must be good enough. Currently, no name can surpass Drastic DSEmulator. It was developed and released by Exophase, which is only available onthe Android platform. I have tried a lot of NDS emulators on Android, but theyalways have limitations that make the game experience intact. But with Drastic,things are different. The application possesses advanced features that make theNDS experience on your Android awesome. Despite the big difference in designand configuration between NDS and smartphones, all these barriers have beenremoved in Drastic.

The key features of Drastic

This application can easily turn your smartphone into aNintendo DS device without any configuration and compatibility difficulties.Here are the key features of Drastic DS Emulator:

Play games in high resolution

As we mentioned, the NDS gaming experience on Smartphonescan be even better than the original because they have a higher resolutionscreen and a more standard color range. Drastic can increase the resolution ofthe game by two times to bring a better experience for the player. Of course,to ensure this feature works smoothly, you need a good enough Android device.

Support Gamepad

Playing games with a gamepad always bring a more “realistic” experience than playing on a touch screen. Fortunately, DraStic DS Emulator also supports gamepads. You can connect the device with Gamepad to play games without any difficulty. Mapping is very fast, and the lag is almost zero. Currently, the supported devices are Xperia Play, Moga, NVIDIA SHIELD and some Bluetooth gamepads. Note: Dualshock 4 and Xbox 360 gamepad are not supported.

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Support multiple languages: The current application supports 6 different languages, ​​including Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Italiana, and Dutch. You can change the language options from the Setting.

Optimize your gaming experience

Besides the ability to enhance image quality, the app offersother features that enhance your gaming experience. First, you can easilychange the position of the two monitors to suit your gaming habits. Next, thedeveloper also optimized the app to allow it to be compatible with most Androiddevices. Besides, Fast-forward is an interesting feature, which allows you toboost the game loading. For example, in turn-based fighting games, you can usethis feature to shorten the time of each match.

Save and sync easily

Like GameBoy Emulator, DraStic DS Emulator allows you to save game progress at any time. So you can easily pause and save the game then start playing at any time. Besides, the developer also allows you to synchronize saved files to cloud storage services like Google Drive. So you can synchronize the game progress when you use the app on multiple devices. To ensure this feature works, make sure you signed in to the same Google Play Games account on the device.

Support cheat codes

Cheatcodes are random pieces of code. When you insert them into the game, you will get certain advantages. For example, immortal, increase damage, unlimited weapons, etc. If you have ever played GTA on PS2, you will know how the cheat codes work. Of course, DraStic DS Emulator supports this feature, and you can run cheat codes at any time.

Suggestions: Use Octopus PRO to connect the gamepad and have a better gaming experience!


How to install

At the time we publish this article, the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator is build 101. And we have good news to tell you. In earlier versions, you would have to really struggle to get the application working by the message “License verification failed“. You even need JasiPatcher and Xposed to get rid of this message. But things have changed in this version. It seems that the developer removed the license verification notice when users installed this with an APK file instead of buying it directly on the Play Store. So you can install it as easily as most other applications. The process is really simple. You just click the link at the end of the article to do.w.n.lo.ad the file. Make sure you have enabled the “unknown source” option, then open the do.w.n.lo.aded file and install it. It all takes only a few seconds!

We do not know if the “License check” message will return in the next version, but you can fully enjoy the fun with this application without any difficulties at the moment.

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Emulator on Android is no longer a strange concept to many people. DraStic DS Emulator is a great emulator that allows you to enjoy the childhood of playing Nintendo DS Games. Everything is smooth even when you are using a low-profile Android device. Readers can do.w.n.lo.ad the application at the link below.

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