Pubg Mobile Emulator: How To Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag In Just 7 Steps Only?

Why use other Emulators if you can Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag Problem in just 7 Simple Steps, which will take only 30 minutes. It’s been one Year PUBG Mobile Game has been Launched and I have tried almost all Emulator Software for this game.

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But the TGB Emulator is the best, but somehow due to bugs and configuration in PC, it Lags. So let’s see How to Fix this Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag Problem.

Note: If your Lag Problem is not solved by anyhow reason like, Your System Configuration is not Compatible, or Your Drivers or Graphics Card is not compatible please don’t get upset.

You can use a very simple way; Install Android OS which takes very few Configuration and you can play lag-free any android game on your pc. Or Simply Play PUBG PC Lite.

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If you are using Mobile Phone to Play PUBG Mobile then – Try PUBG Mobile Lag Fix in Mobile Phones

Steps to Fix Tencent Gaming Buddy Lag:

Check Your System ConfigurationCheck Your Internet SpeedCheck Virtualization Mode in BIOSChange your PC Power Settings to PerformanceGive High Priority to TGB Emulator EXESetup TGB SettingsChange PUBG Mobile Graphics Setting

Check Your System Configuration:

The Minimum System Requirements for Using Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator and Playing PUBG Mobile is given Below. Please compare this configuration points with your PC Configuration and then go ahead.


TGB Settings

Choose the Graphics Rendering mode to “DirectX+”Enable Render CacheEnable Prioritize Dedicated GPU if you have Graphic CardEnable Rendering OptimizationEnable Global Render CacheDisable Anti-aliasing modeChange Memory option to the Maximum rangeSet the Processor to Maximum range.Change the resolution to default (1024 x 720)Set the Dot Per Inch to 160Select the Gaming Resolution to “SD 720P” and Display option to “Smooth”All done.

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Change PUBG Mobile Graphic Setting in Emulator:

This is a main Part of Settings if the in-game settings are not set correctly then accordingly your System and internet Speed Performance PUBG Mobile will also lag during gameplay. Just keep in mind that you can play on medium graphics, and High FPS and also disable any auto mode like Anti Aliasing mode or Auto FPS Adjustment Mode.

Graphics mode:- SmoothFPS:- High/ExtremeGame Mode:- ColorfulAnti-Aliasing:- DisableAutomatically Adjust Game FPS:- Disable

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