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Fraps 3.5.99 crack + Keygen Free download <2021>

Fraps crack is a powerful software that allows you to take screenshots, record audio voices, capture videos, and as well as benchmarking. It is the world’s most reliable software. It can be used with games using DirectX and OpenGL graphics. Using this program, you can view many frames per second FPS in a cornet of your computer screen.


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Key Features:

Easy to useBenchmarkingSound recordingSupports DirectX 11High quality capturedReal-time Video captureUser-friendly interfaceVery simple to install and runRuns very efficientlyExtra featuresProfessional behaviorCreate AVI files bigger than 4GBCapture screenshot with a single click

What’s New in Fraps 3.5.99 crack?

Some minor bugs fixedFix issue of Aero DesktopMore quick workingAdded more compliments


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