Game Đấu Trường Robot – Trò Chơi Chiến Đấu Robot Thực Sự

A boy and his homemade robot enter the toughest competition in the universe while attempting to free their oppressed home from an evil empire.

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Playful teenager Ariston wants to prove that his robot buddy Mangle has what it takes to turn into a Combatabot and become a Robozuna star.

When Ariston and Mangle go to the first big Robozuna match, Mangle gets into the action! But they face a tougher fight when they return home.

As Team Veredus prepares to take on Corvus's Team Natrix, Mangle and Ariston get distracted by a mission that could help them, but hurt the team.

The team helps a lightning harvester hold off a Corvus attack, then takes on Team Capra to try to keep its Robozuna winning streak alive.

Teamwork is the key as the Veredus crew breaks into the Corvus prison on a dangerous mission to find Feronia.

Motivated by a hopeful dream, Ariston takes Mangle to find Niven. But it leaves the team short-handed for a big Robozuna game.

Just when the team thinks it's time to take a break and rest, they're called on for help defending a lightning harvester camp from Commander Vermis.

After Team Natrix unleashes a massive Robozuna robot called Megabatabot, it leaves the arena on a rampage, and Team Veredus must protect the town.

While Team Veredus and Team Vulpes work together in a big midseason tournament, the other Freebot Fighters head to the Corvus prison.

The midseason tournament comes to a thrilling end, but the Freebots have their hands full trying to stop Danuvia's plan to build an invincible army.

Ariston, Mangle and the Freebot Fighters are back, but protecting their home gets tougher when evil Danuvia unveils a powerful robot named Dominatus.

Team Veredus have their hands full competing for the awesome Agbia Trophy, but things get even tougher when they're attacked by a powerful new robot.

When Clunk starts behaving strangely at a Robozuna game, the Freebots realize he's been hacked and programmed to take on a dangerous mission.

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After meeting a new rebel group, the Freebots are happy to learn they've inspired others. But when the new group lands in danger, the Freebots must act.

Livia suspects the new rebel group might not be on the Freebots' side, so she scrambles to let the rest of the team know.

When Mangle starts acting strangely, he takes off and leads the team to a special location … but the Dominatus is after them!

The Freebots must work with a pair of bounty hunters to help find Hitch the hacker and prevent Corvus from stealing her robot-control tech.

Chike reunites with his estranged father, “The Fixer,” when Clunk needs repairs. But when a criminal threatens them, the Freebots arrive to help.

Commander Vermis attempts to arrest Team Veredus when he thinks he's identified them as the Freebots, but the Freebots’ friends have a plan of their own.

Team Veredus hope playing the league finals at Danuvia's palace will help them discover her plan, but Team Natrix want to keep them out of the arena.

As Team Veredus compete in the Border League Finals, they fight for a big win in the arena — and to stop Danuvia from succeeding at her master plan.

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