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Mar 5: crash fix

-fix: singa/frankfurt2 crash

Mar 4: Hotfix #1

-fix: flamingo ability causing screen glitch and game crash on client side-fix: player accounts owning loads of shop skins were not able to join game servers-fix: redemption not starting even credits consumed-fix: spinstrat being used to defeat redemption bots-note: redemption leaderboard fully developed. Will publish it in hotfix #2

#hoanhtao3d.vnPoliceSquad (MPS):

-new: Assigned mod powers to a group of people who look for naughty players and ban them if usinghacks/mods-note: is a place where we all gather to enjoy and have some cool time. If anyone is usinghacks/mods to disrupt gameplay of other players we wont tolerate it.

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MPS will give permanent ban to youraccount. Please play fairly. Thanks

Feb 18: food/redemption buff

-buff: overall food buffed 20%, another 20% buff on low crowded servers-buff: Noob Redemption win bonus increased to 400 hoanhtao3d.vncoins-buff: Pro Redemption win bonus increased to 750 hoanhtao3d.vncoins-nerf: Winning 3 Noob Redemptions locks it, players are encouraged to play pro version-fix: Sultan”s opacity decreased so players can see through when 1v1-misc: Awarded 10 free credits to the players who bought redemption credits from shop

Feb 17: balancing

-nerf: nerfed Noob Level 10-nerf: nerfed Pro Levels 7-10-note: redemption leadboard coming soon 🙂

Feb 16: Redemption/Accounts Update

New Account Servers setup and Optimizations

-improved database performance upto 10 folds-new fast login technology and player data loading-more powerful servers and up-scale ability-upgraded cloud connectivity to 99.99% uptime, reducing latency that lowers lag and disconnections for lowspeed internet users-server side optimizations on accounts/game servers/client

New: 1v1 Redemption Mode


-player can fight with AI Bosses to improve their 1v1 skills (A step towards 1v1 Tournaments in with 2 different versions (Noob and Pro)-each redemption version comes with 10 AI bosses/levels-to play redemption mode, you have to buy credits from shop, once you buy credits they show in Settingstab inside Shop interface-each redemption credit unlocks on Pro/Noob version (10 rounds)-if a player is able to beat all 10 AI bosses, they get a 375 hoanhtao3d.vncoins reward for Noob version and 500hoanhtao3d.vncoins reward for Pro version-reward coins do not show in live-earning but directly go into their Wallet

1v1 Arena Revamp:

-new: normal/fast speed optimized-new: new arena display-new: hotkeys for arena buttons-new: players inside arena cant see other arenas or players inside them-new: arena wont get pushed by other arenas-new: use Q key to initiate 1v1 request-new: wall hug damage and wall shrink disabled when arena is less than 50% in size-new: timer runs on outside edge of the Arena upto 5 minutes, however last 30 seconds give closing burn (ared colored timer runs at the end)-new: arena timers dont show to the outside players improve arena rendering for outside players-new: 1v1 Arena now available to logged in players only-new: disabled all client-side animations for players are inside 1v1

Balancing and fixes:

-fix: arena config wont work if you chat/go in hole-fix: jackass unlimited raging when on water body-fix: lava toucan shooting fireballs when inside igloo/caves-fix: ostrich babies cant go in caves-fix: mini cacti not giving damage-fix: Pelican”s beak overlay on client-fix: daily reward not functional-fix: crashes on various servers during past 4 weeks-fix: main menu spectator moving to top-left corner and sticking there-fix: fully grown Pelican water bomb ends before hitting ground-fix: giraffe AI visible to players inside arena-fix: green/black screen glitch happening when changing servers-fix: for some players animal choice menu wont show-buff: eating cacti now gives 25 water-nerf: aqua yeti nerfed-nerf: reduced kill-heal for KD when killing animals from tier 11-15-nerf: reduced fireball damage for KD-new: shop animals rebranded to “Features”-new: KD”s tailslap now creates waves/storms when in respective biomes-new: berries/planktons no longer visible to tier 15 or above, improves client-side rendering-new: online/playing counter-new: KD/BD become transparent when they come in contact with other KD/BD-misc: tier zoom levels updated, the view zooms out when climb higher tiers-misc: revised xp for tier 1 to 14 -misc: low graphics turns off all animations-misc: client side optimization to improve FPS

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