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Instantly get help and achieve mastery with access to a comprehensive library of learning content. Streamline your workflow and integrate with enterprise systems using a wide range of available tools to customize the user interface including Microsoft VBA ,. Personalize and group tools and tasks and reduce keystrokes with customizable menus. Choose the licensing option that works best for you.

A Virtuoso Subscription includes your software application bundled with expert services delivered by Virtuosity, a Bentley company. For the latest information about product updates, as well as articles that provide great engineering insights, view the MicroStation blog. What is MicroStation? Who can use MicroStation?

What benefits does MicroStation offer? Is MicroStation difficult to use? How can I get MicroStation? Buy MicroStation Now Choose the licensing option that works best for you. Results for similar searches are shown below.

Features of Bentley Microstation V8i

A free cad application that handles the basic needs of most microstation users. V7 and V8 Microstation files.

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Korg microStation”s main feature Accompanying MicroStation macros allow Development of Decommissioning Engineering Platform Based on Plant 3D Model Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy used MicroStation and i-models to help determine safe, rational, and cost-effective approach to decommissioning nuclear reactors more than 40 years old. Cascade Tunnel Study J. Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters Using a BIM-driven approach and Bentley software, Morphosis Architects defies current vertical development trends by joining architecture with landscape to create a dynamic, organic headquartered workspace.

Senate Wind Farm Mortenson Construction uses Bentley software to model solutions for construction under severe constraints at 75 wind turbine sites.

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In MicroStation, settings like color, line style, and line weight can be changed on the fly, without cancelling the current command. In MicroStation, There are 8 active viewports, you can glide from one viewport to another without clicking in each viewport to activate it. Each viewport had its own properties. Microstation has both 2D files and 3D files supported program.

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