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Join the millions of medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts who use Human Anatomy Atlas to see inside and better understand the human body!



“This app takes understanding anatomy to a different level. It”s immensely useful for medical students and professionals alike. 3d modelling is stunningly accurate. The ability to visualize any structure in any plane desired helps for great anatomical orientation.”R Krish, Google Play

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“This app is so wonderful and I’m so glad I purchased it. I’m taking Human anatomy for one of my college courses, sometimes I can’t make it to open labs due to work. But this app makes up for it. It has everything you need. 10/10”

Mr. Dwight, iTunes

“I’m a medical coder for level one trauma and research facility. This app has helped tremendously in interpreting the surgical reports, as far as finding body parts being worked on – down to the deepest layer. Kudos to the team!!”

Belle-Vue, iTunes

Learn about the complete male and female gross anatomy with thousands of 3D models that span 11 systems: nervous, skeletal, circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive.Interact with every structure in 3D to simulate a dissection lab experience. Rotate, zoom in and out, dissect through superficial anatomy to study deep and hidden structures, or see structures in complete isolation.Study detailed information, learn about common pathologies, and compare 3D models side-by-side with cadaver and diagnostic images.Delve into the microanatomy of tissue and special organs, including the eye, ear, and tongue, or sink your teeth into special 3D dental anatomy models!*Test your knowledge with hundreds of dissection quizzes.On mobile? Turn your environment into a lab with the augmented reality feature—no gloves or white coat required!*Separate in-app purchase for mobile platforms

Encyclopedic reference and study content, in 7 languages

Detailed definitions and pathology information, Latin names, and English pronunciationsGross Anatomy Lab (GAL) simulated lab experience1,000+ question test bank for testing masteryLanguage settings: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese

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