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Human Anatomy Atlas Human Anatomy Atlas v7.4.03 cracked + to.

Visible Human Body Anatomy Atlas is the most anatomically accurate 3D atlas of the human body male and female, with over 4,0 structures in each model (male and female). This also includes extra content not available in other 3D applications anatomy :. meaning MICROanatomy models and more than a dozen free animations patient education

Human Anatomy Atlas is the gold standard worldwide in anatomy reference application. More colleges and universities teach with Human Anatomy Atlas than any other 3D atlas.

What makes Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas bestseller worldwide?

** Expertly developed and reviewed for accuracy. Our 3D models and animations are created by biomedical visualization experts with advanced degrees from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Yale University, University of Texas, and others.

** The definitions and explanations common pathologies most comprehensive anatomy. Includes pronunciations and Latin names. No other 3D atlas on the market provides as a further description of each anatomical structure. Other content from Wikipedia source competitors. Our definitions are expertly written and reviewed by anatomy professors. Common pathologies are descriptions of the NIH database.

** Award-Winning Medgadget called the graphics “nothing breathtaking.” ( Ranked # 1 by iMedicalApps! “It is rare for an application to come and knock my socks… Ideal for students and teachers of anatomy, as well as for patient education.” (

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Excellence of the MAI.

** Easy to use. The Atlas interface Visible Body provides quick access to 3D models, the ability to edit and share. Access views for all twelve systems from one home screen. Change any view by quickly adding integers or individual structures systems. pictures by email. Share 3D model views with other users of Atlas for iPad / iPhone. Create notecards to use in presentations or for studying

** In-app purchases have the potential to expand the anatomy atlas to include :. (1) models that show muscular actions common 3D moving (2) additional 3D models of bone detail marks (3) detailed information on muscle attachments (origins and insertions), and physiology and pathology animations that are ideal for patient education or undergraduate students.

About Body visible Visible Body ® 3D anatomical models of the human body are learning and teaching anatomy and physiology visual and engaging. We invent applications that advance the way students learn and practice of health professionals. Over a million people have used our products. Founded in 1996, Visible Body also works as Argosy Publishing.

What”s New

* Fixed issue preventing subtitles display in the videos for languages ​​other than English. * Fixed rendering problems with the skeleton pins. * Other minor bug fixes.


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