Isumsoft Excel Password Remover Keygen,Serial,crack, Top 14 Excel Password Remover Tools In 2020

“Have you ever faced this unpleasant situation where you received that Excel sheet which contains complex calculations but you could not get access to, just because the file owner protected cells in Excel with a password from being viewed?”

If you are an “old school” technology person, you would have asked the file owner to send you the password back with a good chance that he would have missed it. However, if you are an avid “Googler”, you would search on Google for terms like “excel password remover” or “excel password recovery” and you will be surprised by the number of solutions out there to solve your problem very quickly. In this article, we will share the ultimate list of Excel password remover in the world.

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Part 1. Excel Password Remover Online



If you are not a fan of desktop applications and afraid from a virus attack when installing a new software on your Personal Computer, then this Cloud-based service is the way to go to unprotect your Excel workbook files. This web application can also instantly remove protection from Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and VBA projects.

Part 2. Excel Password Remover Freeware

1. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard


This program is a freeware that supports cracking files (Excel and Word documents) protected with “open” document passwords. Once you it on your device and unzip the installation file, it walks you through a wizard to select the file from which you would like to recover a password and your preferred attach approach (Brute-force Attack or Dictionary Attack). Not all passwords can be revealed in a reasonable time using these approaches. For more robust and complete solution, you will be redirected to the service (commercial) reviewed above. It seems that both programs are developed by the same company.


Rixler is one of the most popular password cracking tools available online. Regardless the length of your protection password, this application will be able to crack the password and recover it almost instantly with literally few clicks on the application screens.

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The interface supports up to 5 languages and the good news is that this program is being offered free of charge.

Part 3. Excel Password Remover Add-in

1. Password Protection Remover Pro


This Excel password protection removal is another Add-in to get rid of the password protection writing by Spreadsheet1 team. Strong passwords can be removed as easily as weak passwords with this tool. However, file-to-open passwords can be hacked due to the very strong AES encryption used by Excel in 2007 versions and later. This Add-in is optimized for speed so that you don”t have to leave your laptop switched ON to complete the job. In order to get access to the free trial of this Add-in, you will need to subscribe to the Ribbon Commander framework.


This program is a pure VBA code which you need to add this add-in and run on your Excel installation to remove the password that is protecting your Excel spreadsheet. Instructions to run this program are quite simple so you don”t have to be a VBA coder to make this program run. For your info, we could not manage to test it and figure out if it”s working or not. We let you experiment this on your own.

Part 4. Excel Password Remover Shareware

1. for Excel

* for Excel is one of the most trusted Excel password removers on the online market. It”s getting very good feedback from happy customers who used it to get their lost Excel password back. They claim that it is very fast and easy to use.

The solution utilizes three powerful attack techniques to find your forgotten Excel password. Its interface is user-friendly which allows you to launch your Excel password research with few clicks only.For those who want to get the job done quickly, this program supports acceleration using multi-core CPU and GPU that is available in it.

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