Long Tail Pro Free download V3, Long Tail Pro crack Platinum 3

Long Tail Pro is too famous to say more about it, if we talk about the best paid research tools (Keyword Research) today, Long Tail Pro will surely rank in the top positions. This is also one of the essential keyword research and niche market tools for Clickbank Affiliate in particular and affiliate in general.

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Features of Long Tail Pro Platium Free

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research – Keyword researchLong Tail Pro Competitor analysis – Analysis of competitorsLong Tail Pro Rank checker – Check keyword rankings

In terms of words in SEOer and keyword research, Long Tail means “long keywords”, ie specific keywords, details with 4 or more characters. In general, to “touch” the keyword aspect, Long Tail Pro is a “weapon” true to its meaning that you should not ignore.

1. Why do we need Long Tail Pro to study long keywords?

Because long keywords are aimed at narrow, specific and detailed search purposes, not just general search needs like key keywords. People who search on Google or other search engines when using long keywords will think of a fairly obvious product or service. And so long keyword analysis is one of the first issues that SEoer thinks about to reach potential customers.

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2. Analyze the features of Long Tail Pro keyword research tool

1. Keyword Research – Keyword research

This is a must-have feature of keyword tools like Long Tail Pro. Especially for you SEO or business always target specific customers depending on each industry, business areas of products they sell. The data used to research and analyze keywords is taken from Google Adwords.With Long Tail Pro’s keyword research feature, when you enter a keyword, you can get the corresponding suggestions, statistics with data such as search volume, competition, domain name suggestions. good for SEO keywords ..Board: Long-term related keywords have variations based on synonyms, related to your main keywordExact Match: Propose long keywords with the exact keywords you enteredPhrase: Combining keyword phrases

2. Competitor analysis – Analysis of competitors

Get data from SEOmoz, the rival analysis feature of this software is to help you know where you are with a certain keyword. Long Tai Pro will provide information about your competitors like Page. authority, Page links, Juice Page Links, Domain authority, MozRank, Pagerank & Site Age.From there, you can go through the data to find out how weak your competitors are to come up with appropriate, cost-effective keyword push strategies.

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3. Rank checker – Check keyword rankings

In fact, there are quite a few free tools to help you do this, even quite well. Therefore, the Rank Checker feature does not seem to be the strong point of Long Tail Pro. Especially, with Vietnamese pages, this feature on Long Tail Pro is quite limited … so many SEOers rarely use this feature of LTP.How to install Long Tail Pro?Before installing LTP, your computer needs to install Adobe AIR first (if available, then). Installation is as easy as other software. Link do.w.n.lo.ad Adobe AIR: https://get.adobe.com/air/download the crack version of Longtail Pro Platium crack and experience.The price of the Long Tail Pro version is now available for $ 37 / month, so you will lose $ 444 a year, a significant amount of money to invest in keyword research. However, at shareseotools.com you will do.w.n.lo.ad it for freeDOWNLOAD LONGTAIL PRO PLATIUM FULL FREE 

PASSWORD (If it have one): hoanhtao3d.vn

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