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Today we’re going to talk about They’re more-or-less the Asian branch of the gambling brand.

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They’re also known as Mansion, Mansion88 or Mansion 88, if you decide to do more research outside of this review.

But, I’m pretty sure you’ll find everything you need to know here. Besides, other than the random forum posts, we’re one of the only (legitimate) sites to thoroughly review M88.

Seriously. Scour the web and I guarantee you’ll struggle to find a detailed review of their (many) casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms – especially the latter two.

But we managed to make it happen. Because we’re awesome.

Everything you need to know before signing up is in our review below.

VISIT M88 Casino
Device Compability:






Key Information
Website – www.m88.comLaunched in 2007Licensed by Cagayan Economic Zone AuthorityTelephone – 6017 6188 769
Hit and Misses
Variety of Promotions and BonusesEasy to Navigate Through WebsiteLarge Selection of Games AvailableUS Customers Not AcceptedWebsite Isn’t Mobile Friendly
Payment Method

About the Company

They Have Multiple Websites

M88uses multiple sites. There’s one where they use English ( – then there are websites for people in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

I didn’t check each site in detail to make sure they’re identical. But I took a quick look and it looks like you should have a similar experience no matter which one you choose to use.

The locations mentioned above are linked to in the footer. However, during my review, I also came across (not linked anywhere on This site looks identical to allthe sites mentioned above and even has the links in the footer to their additional sites.

You can also go to to see several Mansion-branded sites, as well as other unrelated casinos that they own/manage.

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Players from These Countries Cannot Play Here

Residents of the following countries and their territories shall not be allowed to gamble at M88:

PhilippinesTaiwanThe United States of AmericaSingaporeHong KongUnited KingdomFranceGuadeloupeGuyanaMartiniqueRéunion

M88 (and Mansion) are Scam-Free

I did a fair amount of research for any scam M88 might be or might’ve been involved in. I came up empty-handed.

I did come across two ‘warnings’ that said M88 isn’t safe and to play elsewhere, but they didn’t specify why and/or back up their claims with any proof.

There aren’t any complaints on, either. Not a single one.

Not to be deterred – because I was out for blood – I did some research on I figured my chances of digging up some dirt on one of their larger brands would be better.

I came up with very little going this route.

One interesting thing I found is that, the two sites who blacklisted M88, didn’t have anything negative to say about Mansion. Sure, they might be run by two different groups and/or servedifferent audiences, but it’s still all part of the same company. So, if one is bad, why isn’t the other?


I also saw a discrepancy between two review sites for M88. One blacklisted the casino, while the other said nothing negative about the sportsbook. What was interesting is that – at one time –both of these review sites were owned by the same company.

I also found 9 complaints on (the most recent was December 2016). 3 of the complaints have been resolved, which is sort of surprising since (who doesn’t recommend themfor these reasons – some of which aren’t related to directly said they don’t work with 3rd parties on player issues. But they did get involved in the complaints I read, andI thought they handled them professionally.

That’s all I managed to dig up. Neither M88 or are blacklisted anywhere. They’re not accredited or endorsed, either, but nothing negative has been said about them in reviews fromother review sites.

The same applies to their ratings. They have low ratings on some review sites – often user-generated – but they also have 7-8+ /10 ratings on other sites, including

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The bottom line – I see no reason to blacklist them or discourage you from playing here. They have their issues like any company does, but it appears that they’re a safe company to do businesswith.

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