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Pokken Tournament is a fighting video game by Namco Bandai, it is available for do.w.n.lo.ad and can be played on PC, Arcade, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch for free.

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Pokken Tournament is Bandai Namco Studios fighting video game released in 2017 and is available for do.w.n.lo.ad. This is full version video-game that has been developed for multiple platforms like Arcade, Wii U and Nintendo Switch. It is available in both Single player and multiplayer modes, and can also be played on PC.It is also named as Pokken Tournament DX, its gameplay includes elements from Tekken series. Different characters can be chosen in the game, and you can do.w.n.lo.ad many others for free. Nintendo published this game for North America and PAL Region, The Pokemon Company which is responsible for brand marketing, Management and production of Pokemon franchise published it for the rest of the world.In Pokken Tournament the player can control his character to battle against other characters which are controlled by other players in Multiplayer mode and controlled by the gaming engine in case of Single player mode. This game is not similar to other arcade fighting games, two phases of gameplay are incorporated.The one phase is “Feild Phase” where Pokemon characters move freely around the arena, the other phase is “Duel Phase” which allows the characters to move relative to each other just like Tekken game. Pokken Tournament is played using Console-Style Controllers, this feature makes this game stands distinct from other typical arcade fighting video-games.

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The online game has featured two types of battle modes the one is Friendly Battle mode and the other one is Ranked Battle mode. To fight with other players you need a registered friend code, if you join the game randomly you will find an opponent who enters the same VS code as of each other.

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There are a total of 23 Pokemon characters in the gameplay but some of them are not playable in every edition. Sixteen pokemon are available in Arcade version while some additional characters which you can do.w.n.lo.ad from the author”s website. Same is the case with Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

How to Play Pokken Tournament

Officially this game is available for only three platforms which are Arcade, Wii U and Nintendo Switch. But everyone wants to have the PC version of this masterpiece. It is being rumored that Namco Bandai is planning to develop edition for Microsoft Windows PC but there is no proof of official announcements so it can not be said that it is true.To play Pokken tournament on Arcade and other two platforms one simply need to purchase it for the particular console. Pokken is not available for Android too. It is not available for free on any gaming console.

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Pokken Tournament Characters

Some of the famous characters which are playable in this fighting video-game are listed down below:ChandelureDarkraiEmpoleonGarchompBlastoiseAegislashGardevoir”GengarLucarioSuicuneWeavileScizorAll the above characters are not available in a single edition, every edition has some of the characters missing from the gameplay.Note: We are not authorized to provide any type of setup for this game (Free/Paid/Demo) so in the button below there is a link that will redirect you to the official developer”s page from where you will be able to do.w.n.lo.ad your desired edition and setup.

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