download Remix Os Player download (2021 Latest) For Windows 10, 8, 7

This version doesn”t realese worldwide so i found in chineese remix os hoanhtao3d.vnBefore, 3 things you must know1-) I”m not creator of this version so if you have hardware or similiar problems don”t blame it2-) If your hardware goes wrong (burn or something) don”t blame to me because i”m not creator, i”m just like noobish user3-) I share on this because i believe this is best version for some usersIn my case; this version has more performance than other versions.Brightheness and screen rotate is working Version : 2.0.503Original post ; link ;!z4IWCYxZ!FCneDd5I8c00b93tXGbRmGZPHx77UqrY15z-uDZjBrg

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– You can”t install supersu directly from google playInstallation failed If you root it with RMXTools you can”t update the binary too, but it”s better than normal root mode. Don”t forget to disable “Apppolicy” “pm disable com.jıde.apppolicy”- You SHOULD”NT install with “read-write” mode on installation setup.If you install it, your system become unstable. It may not booting after some restarts and you can”t read your flash drive- To mount system as r/w, replace initrd from
imanesaurus post MUST install with system.img, extract system.sfs with RMXTools and move it to installation drive.
Version : 2.0.513 Original post ; link ;!alg10ToJ!BcwH02bI6TI0rwngKpJ-UcIpAF-mfbq5FHm9aXNH3jkAlternative :
– to install supersu, read carefully (noobish way)
1-) Install it system-write mode2-) When the system boot up disable “Apppolicy” on terminal(ALT + F1). “pm disable com.jide.apppolicy”3-) Install supersu and update binary4-) After binary updated DON”T REBOOT YOUR ANDROID SYSTEM, make system.img on linux, linux live cd After making system.img remove orginal “read-write” system and format your android dataDON”T START YOUR ANDROID SYSTEM BETWEEN STEPS- Mount system as read-writeIf you install read-write mode on installation your system will be “read-write” but your system will be unbootable after some restart. I don”t know whyso i can”t figure how to do this
More information is coming If you find any solution about this edition, please share it us. I will add to first page
Sorry for my bad english :crying:
screen rotate. Jide removed “screen rotate” and “brightheness” functions on remix os 2.0.402 and 2.0.403 versions

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Bump. Use the 3.0.207 modified initrd.img found in RMXTools in GDrive.And convert system.sfs to system.img using RMXTools.Notice: Remix OS already comes pre-rooted but if you want to install SuperSU just use RMXTools to install SuperSU. (Root-32 and Root-64)Issue: Reflection doesn”t work correctly in Asphalt Nitro with Mesa 11.And PUBG also doesn”t work. (No solution yet.)Cheers!Ahmad.


I”m very happy with the system, it”s rly a nice addon to W7. I wouldn”t ditch windows for few editing programs etc. 1. Or do You have a way to emulate windows programs in Remix?2. JPanime app works but I got only sound – can anyone confirm that or help fix it?3. This Phoenix OS is better? If is why?4. Is there a way to make look windows like Remix OS? (love the bar, icons etc.)


Bump, again, the original links don”t work anymore.As Jide has renewed the site, letting it more focused on Enterprise solutions as they mentioned, BTW, stay tuned for the new Jide OS 4.0. (JOS X 1.0)

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