Samsung’S Game Tuner Is Officially Dead, But Game Tuner 3, Samsung Shuts Down The Game Tuner Service

Smartphone manufacturers often include a dedicated “gaming mode” in their custom Android UI, which is an effective measure to satisfy the gaming crowd without maintaining a separate game-centric lineup. From on-the-fly overclocking to presenting a game launcher to the users, these add-ons are really handy to mobile gaming enthusiasts. Samsung’s Game Tuner app is a similar solution for the Galaxy device owners, but the company has now decided to terminate its support.

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The app itself was last updated in December 2018 after losing a bunch of useful features like the FPS counter. Although the app is still listed on both the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store, Samsung has already initiated its retirement process by notifying Samsung Community members as well as blocking since April 30th. Existing users are able to continue using it, but they must be on Android Oreo. Those who are on One UI 2.0/2.1 are advised to opt for Game Plugins, which is apparently the spiritual successor to Game Tuner.


The Game Tuner will terminate its service on Thursday, April 30, 2020 with the end of the app

Once again, thank you very much for your support through the Game Tuner.

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Personalized gaming performance control services offered by Game Tuner can be found on Android 10 as ‘Game Plugins’. (Not provided on Play store)

Following is the end of the service schedule.

1. Blocking app April 30, 2020 (Thursday) ※ Existing Game Tuner on your device can be used continuously if the device is kept on Android 8.

If you actively use the features offered by Game Tuner and looking for an alternative, third-party apps like Gaming Mode might be beneficial for you. Besides Game Tuner, Samsung recently dropped support for a couple of other services, namely MirrorLink, Car Mode, and Find My Car. We can’t say for sure, but the serial purging could be an indication of a massive overhaul in the One UI codebase.

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