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I”ve been researching since my last project last semester and I haven”t found a definitive answer for this question. Now I”ve got one more project to draw a Use-Case diagram and I”m still confused about it.

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In the end, can I create a Login Use-Case or not?

Because in my project the user must be logged in to access his informations.

I know I can be repeating this question, but no one and nowhere has a consistent answer ☹

Here is an example how I have it in mind:


If anybody can demystify this mistery, it would be great! Because I”ve been visiting many websites and forums (even here) and I can not find a consistent answer.

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Yes, it is valid to have a Login use-case.

Having a separate Login use-case is especially useful if the login action is something that the user can do as a stand-alone action (for example, I can login to SO and then decide to view my profile or to post a question or do something else).

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What you can”t really do is show in a use-case diagram, like the one you have, that the Login use-case is a precondition for the View Profile use-case. This dependency is best expressed in the textual description of each use-case.

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