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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
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April 1, 2021 (3 days ago)

Unlocked all filter/VSCO X/PremiumFree VSCO MembershipThe Aesthetic SeriesHypebeast / HBDistortia PackKrochet Kids intl.

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VSCO is now much stronger and better, it is considered one of the best photo & video capture and editing for phones in general and Android operating systems in particular. With nearly 200 versions updated every week and color filters added continuously, VSCO X (Membership) makes users always enjoy and get a new feeling for every photo.


Simple user interface

Although it is an application with many unique features, the user interface of the application is designed to be relatively simple and easy to use. In the section on the left side of the screen, when the user clicks on it, there will be six choices displayed. In it, HOME – which will help users return to the home screen background to make other choices. GRID, JOURNAL is a private social network of the application created for you to share your pictures freely. Another essential thing is STORE – a place for users to do.w.n.lo.ad for free or purchase the filters created by the application. LIBRARY will be the place for users to store their images. But the unique thing is that the photos stored here will not use the device’s memory, but will be synchronized with the application’s cloud storage. This will help users save a lot of space for storing other things.


Take pictures with VSCO Cam

This app is not only an image editing app but also an included camera for users to use easily. All the manufactured smartphones have been integrated into their device by the manufacturer for the application to take pictures. But almost all the default apps are unable to give users the best photos. But with VSCO Cam, everything will be completely different from the previous ones. With this integrated camera, users have complete access to leading imaging technology, and the results will surprise you. In other conventional photography applications, when the user focuses, it will also capture light at that point.

But for this application, it is not like that, these are two independent things, and users can focus on and focus at two different points in the frame. On the user’s screen will appear two points, Focus and Exposure, users can freely manipulate them. Thanks to this new feature, photos of people, when finished, will bring new and unique things compared to other things. If the user can make good use of this feature, the photos you have won’t even need to be edited.


Nifty tools

The app is essentially an image editing app in essence, so the tools to do that are indispensable. The creative team of the application has added a lot of different tools for users to use and create the perfect image. First of all, let’s talk about simple tools that many other applications also have, like cut, paste, and a few others for you to use. Next are the powerful processing tools with different features for users to use, such as Fine Tune, Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, and more. All these tools are produced with many other features, but all have the same item that is support for users.

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If you are inexperienced in editing images, then that is not a big deal because this application is here and ready to assist you. The application will provide users with a lot of presets for users to use. After taking a photo or selecting an image to edit, the application will show the user the presets for you to choose from for your photo. The application will analyze the user’s photos to make the most reasonable edits. So users can be completely assured of what the application can do. But if the user is not satisfied with what the application offers, you can completely change them yourself. The app allows the user to edit further the tools the app has selected to get what you need. With these features, users can entirely quickly get the photos you need.


Light filters

One of the indispensable tools is light filters for users to use freely. The light filter is what has the most significant influence on the user’s photos. If you have a light filter that matches the context of the picture, the user can turn that photo into a masterpiece. So to maximize the user experience, the creative team has added a lot of different filters for users to choose from. Not only focusing on a particular style such as modern or retro, but this application is much more diverse. There are many different styles for users to find what they need. All of them have been customized to be the perfect level, but if the user doesn’t like it, the app also allows the user to manually change the parameters of the light filter to get something you need.


Full review VSCO X (Membership)

The free version of VSCO has a lot of limitations; you can skip a lot of great features and unique color filters of VSCO X. With VSCO X, you can fully utilize the functions of Grain, Overall Look, Non-Permanent Edits, HSL Sliders, Recipes + Copy / Pasting of Edits…Next, there are more than 50 different color filters of the latest, best camera models on the market. You are fascinated with Fujifilm’s classic colors or want your photos as clear as the colors of Nikon, Sony, don’t worry, they are all in the VSCO X color filter.


VSCO X is rented for $ 20/year; maybe this is quite a comfortable price for many people. However, many people do not have a VISA to register, or you want to try to experience what VSCO X offers. We are here to help you. Our version of VSCO X APK has been unlocked all the advanced features it brings; we will continuously update the new version according to the process on Google Play so you can find color filters Latest.

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In addition to VSCO, PicsArt Photo Studio is also a leading photo editor on mobile devices. We also have a modified version for users who want to use PicsArt Gold for free.

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