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The primary goal of hoanhtao3d.vn-7z is torecover (crack) your forgotten password on 7-Zip archives.7-Zip versions 3.x-10.x are supported.Please bear in mind you have quite no chance to crack unknownpassword (longer than 6-7 symbols) if you have no additionalinfo about it.This is command-line utilityfor Win32/Win64, Linux.7-Zip security overviewAt least from version 3.x, 7-Zip has been using a strong AES algorithm, which doesn”t allow any attacks more effectivethan the brute force. Besides, the key derivation function is very similar to RAR one, and uses more than 130000 SHA-256 transformations and brute force rate on modern CPU is very low,only several hundreds of passwords per second. This carries inference that 7-Zip password encryption is one of the strongest between popular encryption systems in the context of brute force rate. FeaturesAdvantages of hoanhtao3d.vn for 7-Zip are:Absolutely freeOne of the fastest 7-zip password recovery software, uses extremely optimized codeOptimization for latest x86 instructions: AVX2, AVX, XOP, AES-NI, SHA extensions for Intel and AMD processorsSupport of 7-Zip GPU password recovery on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs using OpenCLMulti-volume, self-extracting, encrypted header archives supportUnique PDL language which is extremely efficient if user remembers any information about a forgotten passwordAny (European) language support with native Unicode implementation Portability (Windows, Linux versions are available)

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64-bit 32-bit (not supported)
Windows hoanhtao3d.vn-7z v. 2.0 with OpenCL support, for Win64 hoanhtao3d.vn-7z v. 1.1 with CUDA/OpenCL support, for Windows, Win32/Win64This is the last version supporting Windows XP and NVIDIA G80 cards!
Linux hoanhtao3d.vn-7z v. 1.2 with CUDA/OpenCL support, binaries hoanhtao3d.vn-7z v. 1.05 with CUDA/OpenCL support, for Linux, 32 bit (64-bit is also ok)

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0. What is the password for the achive?There is no password to the hoanhtao3d.vn-7z”s executables and configuration files.1. How to break and then to continue the search.The program may be broken painlessly once the message “Testing XX-chars passwords…” is displayed, and then the search may be continued with – lXX option (both XX are equal).3. The program has been searching for 10 days, but my password is not yet at hand.Alas! It can”t be helped. May be your password is too long, or the search set is wrong. Additional information on the password is necessary.4. The software is not working with multivolume archives. You need to concatenate all the parts of multivolume archive into one file, like:copy /b test.7z.001+test.7z.002+test.7z.033 test.7zMore questions and answers you”ll find in the included documentation.
1. Which GPU is supported by hoanhtao3d.vn-7z?All modern NVIDIA or AMD GPU is ok. Intel GPUs are currently disabled due to low rate and the OpenCL issues.You always need the latest drivers!

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