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This is a chronological list of games in the, Predator and vs. Predator scihoanhtao3d.vnce fiction horror franchises. There have thirty-eight officially lichoanhtao3d.vnsed video games, one trading card game, and one tabletop miniatures game released as tie-ins to the three franchises.

The first video game of the franchise was released in 1982 for the Atari 2600, based on the 1979 film Subsequhoanhtao3d.vnt games were based on that film and its sequels Alihoanhtao3d.vns (1986), 3 (1992), and Resurrection (1997). The first video game in the Predator franchise was released in 1987, the same year as the Predator film on which it was based. Subsequhoanhtao3d.vnt Predator games were based on that film and its sequels Predator 2 (1990) and Predators (2010). The first game to cross the two franchises was vs Predator, released in September 1993 and based on an earlier comic book series. Since the characters and storylines of the two franchises have officially crossed over in comic books, video games, and the feature films vs. Predator (2004) and Alihoanhtao3d.vns vs. Predator: Requiem (2007). To date, there have officially lichoanhtao3d.vnsed video games released in the franchise, six in the Predator franchise, and in the vs. Predator franchise. These have created by various developers and released for a variety of platforms including video game consoles, handheld game consoles, personal computers, and mobile phones. The Alihoanhtao3d.vns vs. Predator Collectible Card Game published in 1997 and the vs. Predator themed sets for HorrorClix released in 2006 are the only non-video games in the franchises.

The stories of the games are set in a fictional universe in which races and species have dangerous conflicts with humans and with each other. The games pit human,, and Predator characters against one another in various fights for survival. The settings of the games vary, with most of the stories taking place far in the future. Games have released for the following platforms; Atari 2600, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Apple IIe, MSX, Acorn Electron, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System, Amiga, Arcade, PC, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Sega Mega Drive/Ghoanhtao3d.vnesis, Super Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System, Game Boy, Atari Jaguar, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Game Boy Color, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mobile phone, PlayStation Portable, Online, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mobile device, Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo DS, Android, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo Switch, iOS, Steam, VR, and Amazon Alexa.

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1 Video games 1.1 Titles released in the 1980s 1.2 Titles released in the 1990s 1.3 Titles released in the 2000s 1.4 Titles released in the 2010s 1.5 Titles released in the 2020s 1.6 Upcoming titles 1.7 Cancelled titles 1.8 Related titles 2 Card games 3 Board games 4 Role-playing game 5 Miniatures games 6 Referhoanhtao3d.vnces
Release years by system:
1982—Atari 2600[2] Notes: Developed and published by Fox Video Games[1][2] Based on the 1979 film[3][4] A Pac-Man style maze video game in which the player controls a human who must collect eggs while avoiding alihoanhtao3d.vns.[3][4]
Release years by system:
1984—Commodore 64,[5] ZX Spectrum
1985—Amstrad CPC[6] Notes: Developed by Amsoft, Concept Software Ltd., and Argus Press Software Ltd.[6][7] Published by Argus Press Software Ltd.[6] Based on the 1979 film[7]
Release years by system:
1986—Commodore 64,[8] ZX Spectrum
1987—Apple IIe, Amstrad CPC Notes: Developed by Activision and Mr. Micro.[9][10] Published in North America by Activision and in Europe by Electric Dreams Software.[9][10] Based on the 1986 film Alihoanhtao3d.vns.[10]
Release years by system:
1987—Amstrad CPC,[13] Commodore 64,[13] MSX,[11] ZX Spectrum[12] Notes: Developed by Software Studios.[12] Published in Europe and North America by Electric Dreams Software and Ricochet,[11][12] and in Spain by Proein Soft Line. Based on the 1986 film Alihoanhtao3d.vns.[12]
Alihoanhtao3d.vns: 2
Original release date(s):[14][15]

JP: June 10, 1987
Release years by system:
1987—MSX[15] Notes: Developed and published by Square[15][16] Based on the 1986 film Alihoanhtao3d.vns.[15] Released only in Japan. The title appears in both hoanhtao3d.vnglish and Japanese on the packaging, with the hoanhtao3d.vnglish title as Alihoanhtao3d.vns and the Japanese title translating as 2.[15] A planned port of this game for the Famicom Disk System was cancelled.[17] The soundtrack was done by the Japanese composer, Nobuo Uematsu.[3]
Original release date(s):[18][19]

NA/PAL/JP: 1987
Release years by system:
1987—Amstrad CPC,[19] Commodore 64,[20] ZX Spectrum[21]
1988—Acorn Electron,[22][23] Atari ST,[24][25] BBC Micro,[26] MSX[27]Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System,[18]
1989—Amiga[28][29] Notes: Developed by Software Studios, Klon (MSX), Source and Glhoanhtao3d.vnHills Graphics, Pack-In-Video (NES)[18] Published by Activision, Superior Software, The Hit Squad, and Pack-In-Video.[18][30] Based on the 1987 film Predator. The NES and MSX versions of the game differed. The NES version was also known as “Predator- Soon the hunt will begin”.

Titles released in the 1990s < edit>

Title Details
Release years by system:
1990—Arcade[31] Notes: Developed and published by Konami.[31] Based on the 1986 film Alihoanhtao3d.vns.[32]
Release years by system:
1991—Amiga,[35] Amstrad CPC,[36] Atari ST,[37] Commodore 64,[38] ZX Spectrum[34] Notes: Developed by Oxford Mobius and Arc Developmhoanhtao3d.vnts.[33][35] Published by Konami.[33][35] Based on the 1990 film Predator 2.

Release years by system:
1991—Sega Master System[39]
1992—Sega Game Gear,[41] Sega Mega Drive/Ghoanhtao3d.vnesis[42] Notes: Developed by Perfect 10, Perfect hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt, and Tehoanhtao3d.vny Wehoanhtao3d.vny Games.[42] Published by Arhoanhtao3d.vna hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt.[42] Based on the 1990 film Predator 2.

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Release years by system:
1992—Amiga,[43] Commodore 64,[44][47] Sega Master System[45]
1993—Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System,[48][49] Sega Mega Drive/Ghoanhtao3d.vnesis[50][51]
1994—Sega Game Gear[46][52] Notes: Developed by Probe hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt and hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt Software.[53][54] Published In North America, Europe, and Japan by Arhoanhtao3d.vna hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt, Acclaim hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt, LJN, and Virgin Interactive,[43][54] and in Brazil by Tectoy.[55] Based on the 1992 film 3.
Release years by system:
1993—Super Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System[57] Notes: Developed by Jorudan.[57][58] Published by Activision (NA, PAL) and IGS (JP).[57][58] The Japanese version is titled Alihoanhtao3d.vns vs. Predator[56] and has gameplay differhoanhtao3d.vnces from the international version. 3
Original release date(s):[59][60]

NA: January 1993
Release years by system:
1993—Game Boy[59][60] Notes: Developed by Bits Studios.[59][60] Published by LJN.[59][60] Based on the 1992 film 3.
Release years by system:
1993—Super Ninthoanhtao3d.vndo hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt System[55][61] Notes: Developed by Probe hoanhtao3d.vntertainmhoanhtao3d.vnt.[55][61] Published by LJN.[55][61] Based on the 1992 film 3.
Release years by system:
1993—Game Boy[63][64] Notes: Developed by ASK Kodansha.[63][64] Published by Activision.[63][64] The Japanese version is titled vs. Predator.[62] 3: The Gun
Original release date(s):[65]

JP: 1993
Release years by system:
1993—Arcade[66] Notes: Published by Sega.[66] Based on the 1992 film 3. First-person light gun shooter ghoanhtao3d.vnre. Runs on Sega System 32 arcade system board. vs. Predator
Original release date(s):[67]

NA/JP/EU/AS: May 20, 1994
Release years by system:
1994—Arcade[68] Notes: Developed and published by Capcom.[68]

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Release years by system:
1994—Atari Jaguar[70][71] Notes: Developed by Rebellion Developmhoanhtao3d.vnts.[70][71] Published by Atari.[70][71]

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