Asus Espada Gt200 Wired Optical 4000 Dpi Gaming Mouse, Asus Espada Gt200 Gaming Mouse

We particularly like the Lamborghini-style vents at the bottom and the Batmobile-styled mouse button contours.

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The previous time we had a gaming mouse for review — the Corsair Glaive RGB, we arrived at a conclusion that purpose-built computer peripherals go an extra mile in providing a great user experience. However, a great experience also comes at a huge price, which could make respectable peripherals out of reach for the common man wanting to enjoy his FIFA or Call of Duty gaming sessions.

It seems though we were wrong as ASUS, a notable name in the world of computers, has a mouse that promises to match the gaming experience of the more able options on offer for a lesser price. To check it out, we had it on our desk, literally.

At first glance, the Espada GT200 looks like any other mouse – thanks to an overdose of black polycarbonate wrapping all around. Look closely though and you will notice the matte finish on the surface standing out well. Our unit had red accents too. The mouse has a good ergonomic design, with proper palm support and easy-to-reach buttons.


The thumb grip and the scroll wheel are rubber coated, which is essential if you prefer ploughing through battlefields for longer times. We particularly like the Lamborghini-styled vents towards the bottom and the Batmobile-styled button contours. All of these make for an exceptional experience when using the mouse.

The woven wire mesh cable makes tangle-free — no more struggling with jumbled wire cords. To top it off, ASUS has ensured the USB port is gold plated, for better connectivity.

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Once you plug in the mouse, the ASUS badging and the scroll wheel glow in a beautiful multicolour light show. ASUS says that the Espada's Avago-3050 optical sensor can provide up to 4000 DPI, which is pretty much lower for a gaming mouse standard. However, while playing games like Far Cry 4, Batman: Arkham Knight and GTA 5, we never swiped the mouse across the mouse pad twice to make an in-game 360-degree turn. Adding to the experience are the 20M Omron switches that are extremely responsive and help during intense game sessions. The programmable buttons to the left side are of acknowledgeable convenience and make playing complex games a lot easier.

When you are not gaming, the Espada GT200 copes up well to be a great general purpose mouse. Scrolling through web pages and office documents for extended duration make sure you stay comfortable. The palm support doesn’t heat up, which is commendable for a gaming mouse with illumination circuits under the hood. Additionally, the underside dust pads are made from a different material that does not attract dust or grime, making sure your pointer is accurate and swiftly used on almost any surface.

ASUS’s driver software for the Espada lets you customise the mouse to your preference. You can adjust the DPI settings (even though there’s dedicated hardware button for that), assign macros and choose between various illuminations modes.

The ASUS Espada GT200 is a great gaming mouse with a good build and responsive hardware. The optical sensor has a fast response and the buttons have impressive tactility. Considering a price of Rs 2,990, the ASUS Espada GT200 makes for a great gaming/regular mouse combo, with potent hardware and surely earns a recommendation from us for a great budget gaming mouse.

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