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With thousands of new tabletop titles released every year, it can be tempting to blow all of your hard-earned cash at your friendly local game store. But if you’re looking for a cheaper way to add some great board games to your collection without leaving the house, there’s another option to consider: print-and-play games.

Đang xem: 20 print and play board games to fight isolation boredom

A growing number of designers are making their tabletop titles available to at home as print-and-play games. While you’ll need to cut out some components and provide a few extra bits like dice and tokens, there are some varied and brilliant releases to try – often for just a couple of quid.

Best print-and-play board games

Whether you”ve never used your printer for anything more exciting than work documents or you”re already a seasoned PNP pro, we’ve rounded up seven of the best print-and-play board games for you to check out.

1. Sprawlopolis

A SimCity-style co-op in just 18 cards/format/jpg/quality/80/sprawlopolis-print-and-play-game.png” target=”_blank”>

Co-op board game Sprawlopolis doesn’t offer quite this kind of depth, but it crams a powerfully addictive urban management puzzle into just 18 cards. It sees you and your fellow city planners laying down districts as coherently as possible, fitting together industrial, commercial and residential areas. The trick is that you can never discuss the cards in your hand, making it difficult to avoid mistakes that can seriously dent your score.

The really clever aspect is that each card has a different scoring condition on its reverse side, representing demands from city officials. You’ll draw three at random to use for every game, ensuring a fresh challenge each time you play.

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2. Minopoly

Build city blocks from Tetris blocks/format/jpg/quality/80/minopoly-print-and-play-board-game.png” target=”_blank”>

3. Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters

Flipper-flicking roll-and-write action/format/jpg/quality/80/laser-sisters-print-and-play-game.png” target=”_blank”>

4. Tussie Mussie

Pretty flowers with special powers/format/jpg/quality/80/tussie-mussie-print-and-play-board-game.png” target=”_blank”>

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On your turn you’ll draw two cards from a shuffled deck before offering them to an opponent to add to their bouquet – one face-up for them to inspect, one hidden facedown. Each comes with its own special ability, letting its owner score points in various ways. It means you’ll constantly ask yourself whether the hidden card could turn out to be better for you than the one you can see.

With repeat plays you’ll learn possible strategies and card combinations. It’s a beautifully simple premise, but Tussie Mussie squeezes every available drop of gameplay out of its simple setup.

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5. Pocket Imperium

Turns out space isn’t that big after all/format/jpg/quality/80/pocket-imperium-print-and-play-board-game.png” target=”_blank”>

6. Avignon: A Clash of Popes

There’s only room for one Pope in this town/format/jpg/quality/80/avignon-a-clash-of-popes-print-and-play-board-game.jpg” target=”_blank”>

7. Roll Estate

Fight to become a property market high-roller/format/jpg/quality/80/roll-estate-print-and-play-board-game.jpg” target=”_blank”>

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It creates a frantic, sharp-elbowed dash for the most lucrative investments, and makes for a palpable sense of growth as your property portfolio swells.

Buy Roll Estate on PNP Arcade

There are many more great print-and-play board games out there. What are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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