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I can access my account via my laptop, but not via my iPad. Have a child that is freaking out that he cant log into Minecraft. We are running the latest iOS software. No error codes are showing. When I click on “login” from Minecraft it just goes to a blank white page. Same when I try to log in on iPad via xbox.live.com. No problem when logging in using a non-lOD device. Have tried accessing via a different iPad but same issue occurs. Please help!
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When things like this happens to me i unistall the game on the device im having problems with and reinstal the game.

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For the xbox website problem on your ipad….i suggest checking the url is correct and checking your connection to the internet. If all that is good clear out your browsing data on your ipad

Let me know if any of this helps!


Check if your Minecraft is correctly updated.

I it is, try deleting and installing the app again.

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I would recommend do.w.n.lo.ading the Xbox App on iOS and see if you can log in there. Let us know if it gives you an error message, and we can see what troubleshooting steps we need to do from there. If you have no issues logging into the Xbox App o iOS, then test logging into Minecraft after that, and it should let you log in there.


Thanks. Its updated, but I don”t want to have to try and save worlds before uninstalling. Way too high risk!
Thanks. I tried that, but the same thing happens with the Xbox App. When I press “login” it just goes to a white screen and hangs there, with no option to insert my details.

Dear sir ar madam,

i have tried to get my Minecraft servers ACTUALY work and lots of advise has been taken in. I have been trying this for about since 2018 to now! I really need help and i tried everything you suggested and it still hasnt worked! Please tell me what i should try.

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A Minecraft Rager cuz ‘O this (honestly) kinda stupid thing

ps i am only 11!

Hi, I have the same problem. Cant log in Xbox Live app on my Ipad and Minecraft stops at white screen. Nothing seems to work.

No answer anywere yet!

I”m having the exact same issue and none of the above has resolved it. It goes to Xbox live and says “Try Again” or go to xbox.com with no instructions!!!

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