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Top 5 Phần Mềm Chỉnh Sửa File Ảnh Jpg Thành Văn Bản Pdf, Thay Đổi Định Dạng Ảnh

Edit and convert image files online from your browser. You can select your image editing tool below.

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Photo editor

Crop or rotate an image. Add filters, text, stickers, frames and more to your photos. This easy to use image editor provides all image editing functions you need on one page, online, and for free!

Crop image

Lead the eye to a certain part of your photo by using our image cropping tool. The easy to use editor allows you to crop image and photo files with a set ratio, custom sizes, and more.

Rotate image

Your image is upside down or inverted? This editing tool will allow you to rotate an image or mirror image files vertically and horizontally. Try it, it’s free!

Watermark image

With this online photo editor, you can add different kinds of watermarks to your photos, pictures, and other images. Add text, shapes, drawings and other images as watermarks.

Compress image

Change the file size of any image. With this image compressor, you can easily change the actual file size of your photos, pictures, and other image files!

Resize image

This image editing tool will help you to resize image files online, fast and free. Resize an image using the width and/or height in pixels and even the DPI of the image. Give it a try!

Upscale Image


With this feature you can make images bigger. Click here to go to the AI upscale image feature.

Convert image to image

This image converter allows you to convert your pictures into other image formats. Convert JPG to PNG or GIF, create vector images like SVG from your PNG images.

Convert image to document

Turn your images into documents with this online image converter. JPG to PDF, PNG to DOC, JPEG to TXT – it’s all possible. Extract text from images online.

Convert image to PDF

This online PDF converter allows you to convert all kinds of images to PDF. JPG to PDF is just as possible as saving PNG or SVG images as PDF.

Convert HEIC to JPG

This online image converter allows you to convert photos from Apple image format HEIC to JPG. Powerful JPG converter for less supported HEIC image files.

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Convert PNG to ICO

An image converter that allows you to convert from PNG to ICO. Turn PNG images into icons you can use online or on your computer.

Convert to image

Our high quality image converter that allows you to convert from any image to JPG, JPG to SVG, or PDF to PNG.

Convert to JPG

This online image converter is specialized on converting image to JPG. Powerful JPEG converter to convert from PDF to JPG, SVG to JPG, PNG to JPG and more.

Convert video to GIF

Animated GIFs are amazing and now you can turn your video into animated GIF with hoanhtao3d.vn! No matter if you have an AVI, MP4, MOV or even 3GP video, create animated GIFs here!

Convert to SVG

This online image converter allows you to convert from any image format to SVG. Turn your raster images into a vector graphic with this converter.


Raster images are the most common. They save photo and picture information for each pixel in the image. That’s why raster images can not be scaled up without loss of quality and detail. They can be compressed in different ways which affects the file size. Some raster images support transparency and even animation.

File formats:


Image2Go is the online solution for all your image editing problems and image conversion questions.

This means that all you need to edit images online is an internet connection and this web service. No do.w.n.lo.ad or installation needed, no signing up required.

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Furthermore, this service is completely for free. Give it a try!

Vector images are very common in graphic design and they are often used as web graphics. The image data inside a vector image is calculated using mathematical formulas which allows the image to be enlarged without the loss of quality. However, not all image viewers can open vector images. It is very easy to edit and manipulate vector images with the proper software.

Image formats:




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