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    Use our reliable PDF to DWG converter tools to instantly export your PDF drawings intoperfectly formatted DWG files that are easy to update and edit.

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    Free Online PDF to DWG Converter

    Test Able2Extract PDF to DWG conversion technology 100% free online.No watermarks, no email required.

    Advanced PDF to AutoCAD Converter

    Need to convert PDF to DWG and DXF for easy editing in CAD programs? Get our industry-leading PDF to CAD converter – Able2Extract Pro.

    Batch convert multiple PDFs to CAD formats.Extract drawings from image PDFs using OCR.Edit PDF text instantly, split and merge pages.Redact and create password-protected PDFs.Sign & annotate PDF for easy collaboration.Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

    Quick & Easy Conversion

    Our free online PDF to DWG converter uses an advanced conversion engine to instantly extract PDF drawings into DWG with no loss of information.

    OCR for Scanned Docs

    You can convert even scanned, image-based PDFs to DWG with the help of our free tool that has built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine.

    Unlimited Conversions

    There are no conversion limits or other restrictions. You can export as many PDF files to DWG as you want, without having to wait in the conversion queue.

    Secure Connection

    We use 2048-bits RSA key with SHA-256 encryption between your web browser and our servers. All files are deleted a few hours after conversion is done.

    Works on PC & Mobile

    Easily convert your PDF to DWG for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs or mobile devices running on iOS and Android. Only active internet connection is required.

    You can use either an online tool or a desktop PDF converter to convert PDF to DWG. The main differences between the two are in the functionalities offered and the output quality.

    You should use an online tool to convert your PDFs to DWG if you need quick and easy conversion on any PC or mobile device for free.

    The main drawback of online tools is their simplicity (not great for converting complex drawings, no advanced features) and that they require an internet connection to work.

    You should go for a desktop PDF to DWG converter if your work requires you to regularly convert complex PDFs to DWG and DXF formats. Desktop tools are usually equipped with advanced features and raster-to-vector (R2V) conversion engines.

    Able2Extract Professional is a prime example of a powerful PDF to DWG converter for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It offers advanced features such as Batch PDF to DWG conversion, high-fidelity OCR engine for scanned PDFs, conversion to multiple file layers, and much more.

    How to convert PDF to DWG offline?

    If you want quick, easy, and accurate PDF to DWG transfer on your desktop, you can try our offline PDF converter software – Able2Extract Professional.

    Once you and install the software, launch it by double-clicking the software icon on your desktop.

    From there, simply follow the steps below to convert your PDF to DWG offline:

    Open your PDF documentCustomize advanced conversion settings (optional)Click on the AutoCAD icon

    Note that Able2Extract Professional allows you to convert to two CAD formats: Drawing Format (DWG) and Drawing Exchange Format (DXF).

    After the conversion is complete, you can open and edit your converted file in the CAD program of your choice.

    How to convert scanned (image) PDF to DWG?

    Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is required to perform accurate conversions of scanned PDF files. Some online, and most offline tools come with a built-in OCR engine.

    If you have a quality scan with clear formatting and layout, our free online PDF to DWG converter with OCR will provide accurate conversion output.

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    For poor quality scans that contain complex drawings, we recommend that you use Able2Extract Professional – an industry-leading PDF to AutoCAD converter that is equipped with a business-grade OCR engine for perfect Raster-to-Vector (R2V) extraction.

    How to batch convert PDF to DWG (and DXF)?

    Performing batch PDF to DWG conversion is not an easy task, as it requires high performance computing. That’s why most online tools allow you to convert your PDFs one at a time.

    If you need to convert a large volume of PDFs to DWG on a regular basis, you’re better off with a desktop PDF converter software.

    Instead of converting one document at a time, you can use Able2Extract Professional to automate the conversion process by adding hundreds of PDFs to the conversion queue. This way you can batch convert whole folders of PDF files to DWG/DXF at once with speed and accuracy.

    How to convert only certain parts of PDF to DWG?

    Free online converters are not capable of selective PDF data conversions, you can only convert an entire PDF file.

    On the other hand, professional, desktop PDF conversion software like Able2Extract Professional allows you to select and convert an entire document, a page range, specific pages, or even a single drawing.

    The process is rather simple: 1) Open your PDF in Able2Extract Professional, 2) Draw-select the specific part you want to extract, 3) Convert to DWG or DXF.

    How to convert PDF to DWG on Mobile and Tablet (iOS & Android)?

    You can easily convert your PDF to DWG on any mobile or tablet device in three simple steps:

    Open our free PDF to DWG converter in your mobile device’s browserUpload the PDF document for conversiondownload the converted DWG file once the conversion is complete

    Note that the process is the same on any mobile device, regardless if it runs on iOS or Android. The only requirement is that you have an active internet connection.

    How to convert PDF to DWG on Mac?

    Mac users have the option to convert their PDFs to DWG online and offline.

    The online option requires an active internet connection and access to an online PDF to DWG converter tool. Most online converter tools are free (some require signup or leaving personal information) and offer quick and accurate conversions.

    Offline PDF to DWG converters are not usually free, but offer advanced features that can’t be found in free online alternatives, and don’t require an active internet connection to operate.

    If you’re looking for an offline converter that can accurately extract PDF to DWG (and DXF), batch process hundreds of PDFs at once, and has a high-fidelity OCR engine for scanned docs, try our Able2Extract Professional (runs on macOS 10.15 and older).

    How to convert PDF to DWG in AutoCAD?

    Every AutoCAD software application version since 2017 is capable of importing PDF content into AutoCAD drawings via the PDFIMPORT command.

    If you are working with native PDFs, AutoCAD 2017 and newer can make lines and text editable. However, importing a scanned PDF will result in a non-editable raster image attached to an AutoCAD drawing.

    Our free online PDF to DWG tool and offline desktop PDF to AutoCAD software application, Able2Extract Professional, can convert both native and scanned PDF files into editable DWG files by utilizing a powerful OCR engine.

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    Additionally, Able2Extract comes with advanced options for raster-to-vector (R2V) conversions as well as the ability to convert PDFs to Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) that can be opened and manipulated with various programs (text editors included).

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    Try all of the above features and much more with our desktop PDF converter!


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