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asked Jan 31 “13 at 4:10


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If it”s not too frequent task:

Copy-paste the text to Excel (will occupy one column)Data – Text to Columns (Excel 2003) Delimiters: Comma and Other: >After completing the operations, insert a column after the remaining non-splitted fragment (358920045121212<0.75) and repeat Text to Columns for this column only with Other delimiter as <.
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answered Jan 31 “13 at 6:54


Jüri RuutJüri Ruut
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1) Copy the data into a text file, like Notepad.

Đang xem: Chuyển file log sang excel

2) Use find and replace to replace bracket characters with a tab character.You can not directly type a tab character into the replace field, because it will just move your cursor to the next field. To get around this:Open another Notepad window and press tab, then copy the tab into the replace field of the original Notepad window. Hit replace and repeat this process with space and comma characters.

3) Save and close the notepad file.

4) Open the notepad file in Excel. (choose file, open, and don”t forget to change the file type in the open dialog from “All Excel Files” to “All Files”

5) This will open the Text Import Wizard. Hit next, next and finished, and the data should show up in separate columns

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answered Jan 31 “13 at 4:29


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If you want to do it strictly in Excel, you will have to extract the individual data elements from each string using a combination of text functions, including SEARCH or FIND, LEFT, MID and RIGHT. The following formulas show one wqy to extract each element from one of the strings, which I have assumed is in A1.

=MID(A1,2,SEARCH(“,”,A1)-2) =MID(A1,SEARCH(“,”,A1)+1,SEARCH(“>”,A1)-SEARCH(“,”,A1)-1) =MID(A1,SEARCH(“>”,A1)+1,SEARCH(“>”,A1)+SEARCH(“<",MID(A1,SEARCH(">“,A1),99))-SEARCH(“>”,A1)-2) =MID(A1,SEARCH(“<",A1,2)+1,SEARCH(">“,MID(A1,SEARCH(“<",A1,2)+1,99))-1) =MID(A1,SEARCH("????-??-??",A1),10) =RIGHT(A1,8)You would enter these formulas horizontally to the right of A1, then copy them down.

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answered Jan 31 “13 at 4:37


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There is a much simpler way – use a third party piece of software.

The one I used costs me very little for the year, but means i don”t need to mess around with trying to get it right.

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Its the only tool i found which isn”t a monthly subscription as well.

Its a desktop based application.

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answered Jan 26 “19 at 15:11


Andy HallidayAndy Halliday
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