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Discover a game-changing web design platform featuring built-in hosting, SEO, ecommerce and content management.

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Our team works hard to bring you frequent new widgets, templates and important platform improvements. Browse the updates below to see what”s new!

New Template –Online Education MARCH 30, 2021 The Online Education template offers a jump-start to those who need to create a web-based school, training program or class signups.
Local Business Schema
MARCH 25, 2021 An important update to the Content Library now allows search engines to better understand key facts about your website”s business.
New Widget –Directory Gallery
MARCH 16, 2021 A gallery with a powerful set of listing attributes, including icons. Use icons to display badges, brands, ratings and more.
19 Sections From Our Popular Templates
MARCH 12, 2021 Our latest offering of new sections feature 19 updated and refreshed hand-picked blocks from some of our most popular templates.
FAQ Schema for Improved SEO
MARCH 9, 2021 By enabling the new Schema option in the Accordion widget, FAQ information may be displayed directly in Google search results
Add Fonts Update –Available on All Sites
FEBRUARY 25, 2021 We”re happy to announce that the Add Fonts option is now available on all sites, regardless of when they were created.
New Template –Prairie Animal Clinic
FEBRUARY 23, 2021 The Veterinary template is a cheery layout that”s perfect for vet clinics or other pet services.
New Widget –Social Icons -Custom
FEBRUARY 17, 2021 The new Social Icons -Custom widget puts thousands of icons at your fingertips by leveraging 4 different icon libraries.
Contact Form Submission Update
FEBRUARY 16, 2021 Form submissions will now go to the primary email address entered in the Business Info area in your site”s Content Library.
New Template –Renovation and Construction
FEBRUARY 2, 2021 Perfect for businesses specializing in general contracting, home makeovers, handyman work or any other home services.

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Add Google Fonts & Custom Fonts JANUARY 26, 2021 The new Add & Manage Fonts feature allows you to addan unlimited number of Google Fonts as well as your own custom fonts.
Alt Text for Images: Now Connected
JANUARY 25, 2021 Alt Text is now supported by Connected Data and Dynamic Pages, improving SEO as well as accessibility for those using screen readers.
New Template –Poke Restaurant
JANUARY 20, 2021 Poke Restaurant is a colorful and fresh new template that includes a prominent takeout button and full menu.
Animations Update
JANUARY 12, 2021 Animations now offer scroll-based animations (in addition to entrance animations) as well as extensive customization options.
New Ecommerce Payment Options
JANUARY 11, 2021 Ecommerce store payment options now include PayPal Plus and Klarna, adding convenience for customer purchases.
New Widget –Mega Menu
JANUARY 6, 2021 An immensely powerful navigation widget capable of large-scale menus for sites with categories, catalogs or large page counts.
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Start with a theme, or build a site from scratch. Drag and drop over 150 pre-designed sections to assemble the site of your dreams.

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Publish your sites instantly on the fastest and most secure network on the planet (Amazon AWS). Rest easy knowing you”ll never need to do an update. 99.99% uptime, guaranteed.

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