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Connectify me is a little software that will convert your computer into a hotspot if it is connected to internet. downloading Connectify me not only makes your computer a hotspot but also it gives you some special features like the provision of a firewall for your computer and much more. If you have a smartphone, PS3 or XBOX 360 etc, you might want to Connectify me because then you won’t need to buy a Wifi device for your PC will serve the purpose.Using Connectify me, you can also share files between your device and your PC and you need not worry about file sharing limit or size as long as you have space on your devices.

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Important Features

Device connection supportIf you have installed this application on your computer, you can connect your devices with Wifi using your computer. It matters not if you have mobile phone, XBOX, PlayStation or a Tablet, it will provide you fluent Wifi signals. Number of devices that you use is not an issue either, just Connectify me and enjoye Wifi.Sharing FilesConnectify me creates a netwrok around your computer so you can share files between any devices in the network field. It takes only a second sharing a movie, song or any other file. If you this crack you can save a lot of time by using the drag and drop option.Security and FirewallConnectify me is secured because it allows you to set password on your network and only those who know the password can log in to be connected. This isn’t all, do.w.n.lo.ading this application also provides a firewall that saves your PC against malware, viruse or botnet etc.Device control and monitoringWith Connectify me you are able to monitor and control the devices connected to your PC. You can disconnect any device from PCP whenever you like.Convert 3G/4G into WifiWhat if you do not have internet connection? Just this tool and use your 3G or 4G network to connect with computers. You will experience a very good and stable speed.Windows CompatibilityYou can Connectify me on any Windows version you use, it will work smoothly and efficiently. Even if it experiences any problems with the version you are using, it will itself send error report to the developers and you will have your problem solved as soon as possible.LAN network supportEven if there is no internet connection, you can still this tool to create a virtual Wifi hotspot using your Lan network. This will help you transfer any files between your portable devices and your computer.

download cracked Version:

If you want to cracked version of this tool. It”s not hard to find out cracked versions of this application. There are number of places from where we can it”s crack. I have found best platforms from where you can Connectify Me Hotspot 7 crack.You might need a torrent do.w.n.lo.ader to this file. This is for torrents like IDM is for all others files.

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download and Install Connectify Pro 8Run Connectify 8 crackSelect Connectify installation path (if needed)Click Activate PRO and wait till a message box comes upOK it and close Connectify 8 crackNow restart your computer and enjoy it for lifetime for free.

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Note:If this crack doesn’t work for you even after all these steps, check if your hosts file has the lines given in the link below. If not add them yourself and make the hosts file read-onlyLines to be in hosts file : click hereHosts file path : C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts

Things to Remember for crack:

This crack works with both 32 bit & 64 bitIt”s not compatible with Windows xp or lowerYour hosts file will become read only after cracking, DO NOT MODIFY it,otherwise Connectify will remove blocking lines itself and deactivate your licenseDon”t update Connectify after applying the crack.Before installing a new version/Uninstalling Connecitfy make sure to Open crack and press > Deactivate PRO button


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