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Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series Gaming KeyboardCorsair K70 RGB TKL Champ

The tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard needs a makeover. With more 60 percent keyboards in the spotlight, hardware manufacturers must find a way to make the mid-size keyboard feel like a true middle ground between compact layouts and feature-packed, full-size gaming keyboards. Corsair’s K70 RGB TKL, which adds dedicated media and profile keys to a well-crafted TKL, is that middle ground. The $139.99 keyboard has many attractive features, but it isn”t a full boat. It’s small enough to tilt, but has essential navigation keys. Plus, as part of Corsair’s esports-focused Champion Series, K70 RGB TKL has useful features for the tournament-bound, competitive set. If you”re looking for an incredibly balanced, mid-sized keyboard, the K70 RGB TKL should be on your radar. It”s earns our Editors” Choice nod.

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Tenkeyless, Now With a Volume Roller!

The K70 RGB TKL looks a lot like its full-size predecessor, the Corsair K70 Mk. 2, one of the company’s full-size mechanical keyboards. Corsair maintains a distinct, uniform look across its keyboards line. In the last couple of years, the company”s switched to a dark, brushed aluminum top plate that juts out just past the edge of the keyboard’s base, creating sharp angles.

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Though its bezels and extra top bar make it look more spread out than the average 87-key TKL, the K70 RGB TKL is quite compact. Measuring 1.78 by 14.13 by 6.50 inches (HWD), it isn’t much larger than a standard TKL, despite having buttons built into its base.

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Like the K70 Mk. 2, the K70 RGB TKL features eight buttons—media controls, a profile switcher, a brightness button, and a game mode toggle—and a mini volume roller. On a full-size keyboard, these are fairly conventional, almost boring controls. In this case, however, it’s much more exciting. Media controls and other luxury features rarely show up on TKLs, as the keyboards” builds are billed as space-saving designs. Corsair already makes a TKL with media controls, the K63 Compact, but it’s still a rare combination that’s long overdue for widespread adoption.

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