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PL/SQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases. Over time we have seen more and more business logic and application logic move into the Oracle Server, so that PL/SQL programming has become a significant part of the total development process. PL/SQL Developer focuses on ease of use, code quality and productivity, key advantages during Oracle application development.

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For a brief description of the new features in version 14.0, visit the New Features page.

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Powerful PL/SQL Editor

With its Syntax Highlighting, SQL and PL/SQL help, Object Descriptions, Code Assistant, Compiler Hints, Refactoring, PL/SQL Beautifier, Code Contents, Code Hierarchy, Code Folding, Hyperlink Navigation, Macro Library and many other sophisticated features, the Unicode compliant editor will even appeal to the most demanding user.

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Multi-threaded IDE

PL/SQL Developer is a multi-threaded IDE. This means that you can continue to work as SQL queries are executing, PL/SQL programs are executing, debug sessions are running, and so on. It also means that the IDE will not “hang” if you make a programming error: you can break execution or save your work at any time.

Easy installation

No middle-ware required other than Oracle Net. No database object installation. Just a simple one-button installation procedure and you’re ready to use it.

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System requirements

PL/SQL Developer will run on Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The supported Oracle Server versions are 7.x, 8.x, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c on any platform. To connect to an Oracle database, the 32 bit PL/SQL Developer version requires a 32 bit Oracle Client and the 64 bit PL/SQL Developer version requires a 64 bit Oracle Client.

Trial version

You can a fully functional 30-day trial version to try out PL/SQL Developer yourself. If after 30 days you can’t imagine how you’ve ever been able to work without PL/SQL Developer, you can visit our ordering page for ordering details and price information. We have a customer list available if you want to get an impression of what organizations are using PL/SQL Developer.

Pricing & Licensing

PL/SQL Developer licenses are per named user, and not per PC, Server, Database or Location. Therefore you need just one license for one named user, even if you are running multiple instances on multiple machines. For complete license terms you can our License Agreement.

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If you order a Service Contract with your PL/SQL Developer licenses, you are entitled to receive technical support by e-mail and free product upgrades for the period of 1 or 3 years. Without this contract, you will receive only patch releases of the PL/SQL Developer version you purchased.You can order the service contract directly with PL/SQL Developer. The service contract can be renewed when it expires. When ordering a service contract at a later time, a reinstatement fee will apply.

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