Đăng Nhập Blackberry Id For Blackberry 10 And Blackberry Os, Blackberry Online Account

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Your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username is the email address you specified when you created your hoanhtao3d.vn ID. You can change your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username to any other email address that you control, as long as it's not already in-use as an existing hoanhtao3d.vn ID. This allows you to keep using your existing hoanhtao3d.vn ID account and all of it's related services (for example, BBM contacts, app purchases, device backup files, etc.) while using a new email address as the Username.

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In order to change your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username, you must know your current hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username and Password as you will need to login to the hoanhtao3d.vn ID account to make the change. If you don't remember your Username, find your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username here. If you don't remember your password you can reset your hoanhtao3d.vn ID password.Note

Changing your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username is not the same as switching to a completely different hoanhtao3d.vn ID. If you want to use a different hoanhtao3d.vn ID account on your device, you'll need to remove the current hoanhtao3d.vn ID, then associate the new one. For steps to do this, see one of the following articles: For information on how to switch BBM Account settings for Android, iOS or Windows Phone please visit help.bbm.com

To change your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username to another email address, complete the steps below for your device:

On the hoanhtao3d.vn 10 smartphone:

Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap Settings.Tap hoanhtao3d.vn ID.Tap the edit Edit button.Clear the hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username field and enter the email address to use as your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username. On all-touch devices, press and hold the space bar to hide the keyboard.Tap the Submit button. Read the confirmation message, and tap Continue.Enter your hoanhtao3d.vn ID password and tap OK to complete the change.A message is displayed to confirm the change was successful. Tap OK to return to the hoanhtao3d.vn ID settings screen.

On the hoanhtao3d.vn 7.1 or earlier smartphone:

From the home screen, select Options > Device > hoanhtao3d.vn ID.Clear the Username field and enter the email address to use as your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username.Press the Menu key and select Save.Enter your hoanhtao3d.vn ID password and select OK to complete the change.A message is displayed to confirm the change was successful.

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On the hoanhtao3d.vn PlayBook tablet:

Swipe down from the top bezel or tap the Settings icon.Tap hoanhtao3d.vn ID.Tap the  hoanhtao3d.vn ID Information pencil icon.Clear the hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username field and enter the email address to use as your hoanhtao3d.vn ID Username.Tap Submit.Enter your hoanhtao3d.vn ID password when prompted and tap  OK.A message is displayed to confirm the change was successful.


From a web browser on any device or computer: 

Under Already have a hoanhtao3d.vn ID?, click Sign in.Enter your current username and password, and click Sign In.Next to Details, click Edit.Open the email from donotreply

You can find more hoanhtao3d.vn ID hoanhtao3d.vn here: hoanhtao3d.vn ID hoanhtao3d.vn – FAQs.

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To secure your hoanhtao3d.vn ID account and ensure you are able to easily reset your password in future, please confirm your hoanhtao3d.vn ID.

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