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Up until today, any time you wanted to make a change to your hosting account (domains, databases, emails, etc) it had to be done directly through cPanel. This meant you needed to remember multiple usernames and passwords (Note: If you’re not already, you should be using LastPass for secure password management) depending on whether you wanted to access your client area, helpdesk account, or cPanel. We’re very happy to say we’ve found a way to integrate your cPanel control right into your client area, meaning fewer logins and a more unified hosting experience. Hooray!


cPanel Integration

Now at this point you may be asking, “What exactly can I control?”. In short, pretty much everything you’d need when it comes to cPanel:

FTP Control – You can create, edit, and delete FTP accounts.

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Database Management – Create new databases, add new users, add users to an existing or new database, or delete existing users.

SSL Management – Generate or view your private keys, CSRs, and SSL certificates. You can even install a new SSL certificate.

Domains – Create or edit addon domains, parked domains, or subdomains.

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Backups – Generate a new backup or do.w.n.lo.ad an existing one. You can also do.w.n.lo.ad individual database backups.

One Click Logins – With a single click you can login to Webmail, phpMyAdmin, RVSiteBuilder, and even your File Manager.

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Install Applications – With native Softaculous support, you can install and manage any application offered by Softaculous without having to login to cPanel.

Those are just a few of the features now available with cPanel integration, but we urge everyone to check it out themselves. To start using the integration:

Once you’ve logged in, select “My Services”

Under “My Services”, click the green arrow at the right of the table for the service(s) you wish to configure

About halfway down the product details page, you’ll see all the available integration options listed. Click any of the images to get started!

All of your existing FTP users, MySQL databases, addon domains, etc should be imported to the client area. You may never have to login to cPanel again!

This is just the first of many changes to come to our entire website/client experience in the coming months. If you run into any issues with the integration out support team would be happy to assist. We hope you all enjoy these changes!

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