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Phishing simulation, testing and training for every type of phishing attack: email, voice, text and USB.



We think our solutions are pretty great, and we aren’t the only ones. Here are a few of our latest accolades. Visit our Awards Page for a full listing


“I have recommended Inspired eLearning because of quality and variety of programs; and responsive, timely, and customer-focused responses and support.”

– IT Cybersecurity Lead

“Customer service is always top notch, and the trainings are seamless for the team.”

– Sr. HR Partner

“I love my implementation specialists and associated team members! Quick feedback and extremely courteous. They are always following up quickly which is awesome as I’m in a highly demanding position which requires my attention in numerous areas. I’m very satisfied and glad we chose Inspired eLearning.”

– Sr. HR Manager

“Nicole Saenz, Chad Harrelson, and their teams’ willingness and commitment to making things work, no matter what it takes.”

– Director, Compliance/Operations

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“We love working with both Taylor and Megan! Their responsiveness is great, and I cannot say enough about their customer service. They are my A team!”

– HR Manager

“Inspired eLearning has been nothing but flexible and patient with us, and my working relationship with Meghan has been fantastic. The content is relevant and is presented in a way to capture and retain the learner’s interest – which is hard to do with compliance training! I really want to thank Meghan and the whole team at Inspired eLearning for being such great partners; we will surely recommend you whenever the opportunity arises!”

– HR, Talent Manager

“Customer Service is outstanding, my project manager Daniel Munoz is amazing! He’s always available, knowledgeable and happy to help me.”


“Not only is the content of our courses spot on, but the incredible support we continue to receive from your implementation team (primarily Daniel) is really comforting. You make it easy to manage this program for our team. Thank you!”

– VP, HR

“Inspired eLearning listens to suggestions, continuously improves the technology platform, and has excellent engagement with us!”

– Director, InfoSec

“Excellent customer service! Provides weekly updates on employee training completion. I love the cybersecurity training path that includes pre and post training evaluation, short and relevant training modules and mock phishing exercises. Because our company has now transitioned to a remote workforce reliable web-based training has become even more important. Inspired Learning really reduces the burden of employee training for their clients.”

– Senior Council

“Shawn is phenomenal! The implementation and customer service team is great! the courses are professional and industry standard. Excellent price point for the catalog and the service that is received. I tell all my colleagues about your services.”

– Sr. Mgr, Operations and Analytics

“In the few years that we have been with IEL, the staff has been extremely responsive and helpful. Every issue that I’ve encountered, someone either directly reached out to me or worked with me to resolve it. On this last implementation that was a rush and needed to be pushed out immediately, Daniel Munoz took the time to understand what needed to be done, who was affected and how he could help. Everything worked out! Daniel was extremely professional and this is what I call great customer service!”

– System Administrator

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the gold-standard customer experience metric used by millions of businesses to measure, benchmark, and track how they’re perceived. Inspired eLearning’s customers rank their experience as world-class!

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An Introduction to Data Loss Prevention (DLP) DLP or Data Loss Prevention refers to products, software, and other technologies that prevent your data from being transferred outside of your corporate…

Security Awareness

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