Cách Đăng Nhập Mail Apple Id Giờ Apple Khóa, Read Email In Mail On Icloud

iCloud Mail automatically checks for new messages and puts them in your Inbox. Messages you receive are shown in the main Mail window.

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Note: If you want your iCloud email to appear on your devices, they must have the iCloud Mail feature turned on. See Set up iCloud Mail on your devices.

In Mail on iCloud.com, click Inbox, then do any of the following:

Read a message: Select the message in your message list.

Open a message in a new window: Double-click the message in the message list.

In your message list, messages are labeled with the following icons:




A message is unread.


A message contains an attachment.


A message that you replied to. To see your reply, click the arrow.


A message that you forwarded. To see your forwarded message, click the arrow.

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A message that you flagged. See Flag important emails in Mail on iCloud.com.


A message sent by a VIP. See Make a sender a VIP in Mail on iCloud.com.


A message marked as junk mail. See Manage junk mail in Mail on iCloud.com.



, then choose Mark as Unread.

In the General pane, select “Load remote content in messages,” then click Done.

When “Load remote content in messages” isn’t selected, you need to click “Load images” to view the images in a message.

The time an email was received appears in the message list or the email header (the information at the top of the email). If the time shown is incorrect, you need to change the time zone in Settings on iCloud.com. See Change the language, time zone, or regional formats used on iCloud.com.

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You can also modify other aspects of how your emails appear in iCloud Mail preferences. Click


in the sidebar, then choose Preferences.

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