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    Cloud storage allows us to save countless files without worrying about the common problems that a hard drive or USB drive could have. That is why it is important that you know how to create a free MediaFire account and that you know how to access MediaFire .

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    We cannot deny the great community that cloud storage services bring us. Both for security reasons and also to share them or carry certain files from one place to another.

    Little by little, having to travel with a portable hard drive or a USB drive becomes a thing of the past. Thanks to services like Mediafire and the like, with internet access you can enjoy all your personal or work files wherever you are.

    In this way you can access them from anywhere and also sharing them is much easier since all you have to do is upload it to your MediaFire account and share the link with anyone through any kind of app or service.

    MediaFire has a free plan that allows you to store up to 10GB of varied files. So you have plenty of space to upload what you want and share it with anyone. We will see step by step how to create an account and how to log in.


    Knowing a free MediaFire account

    After creating the account we must log in to MediaFire. For this we return to the website and click on the ” Log in ” button that you can find on the top right.

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    A small dialogue window opens and you have to enter the email and password you entered in the previous step when registering on the left.

    Once you log in, you are in the MediaFire control panel. You have a wide variety of options so let’s see what the most important ones are for:

    Upload Files: is to upload files, click on this option, select the file to upload and you’re done.Create Folders: is for creating folders, ideal for keeping all your files organized.Create a Text File: It is a good option to create a plain text document like a notepad.

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    List: this way you can organize all your files.Thumbanail: to have a preview image of all folders, it would be a thumbnail image.

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