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The hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlookadd-in is designed to manage scheduling within the Outlook web and desktop apps. The add-in allows you to easily add a hoanhtao3d.vn meeting to any new or existing calendar event.

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For further integration with Office 365, set up contacts and calendar integration.

Note: To install the add-in on the Outlook desktop app, you must have a Microsoft Exchange account added to Outlook. If you only have an IMAP account, use add-in on the Outlook web app. If you receive an error when installing, that says you are prohibited or do not have the correct permissions, you will need to contact your IT admin for assistance.

This article covers:

Outlook (web)Outlook 2013 or 2016 (Desktop App)Troubleshooting

Installing the add-in for all users (Office 365 admin)

Navigate to Settings (gear icon) thenServices & add-ins.


Click Deploy Add-in.


Review the information on Centralized Deployment and click Next.Select I want to add an Add-In from the Office Store.Click Next.Search for hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlookand click Get it now.


Review the add-in details and click Next.Select how you want the add-in deployed at your organization.Optional, enabled: The hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook add-in will be added for all of your users, but they can remove it.Optional, disabled: All users will have the option to add hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook, but it will not be added to their Outlook by default.Mandatory, always enabled: The hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook add-in will be added for all of your users and they will not be able to disable it.Click Next.Select who has access to this add-in. You can search for groups to add them.Click Save. The manifest file will process.When done, click Close.

Note: Users may need to restart their apps to see the new add-in. Depending on the number of users in your account, changes may also take a few minutes to propagate to all users.

Permissions granted

By installing the hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook add-in, the add-in is granted access to modify the content of your calendar events in Outlook. This allows you to add hoanhtao3d.vn meeting invite information to events in Outlook. The format and content of the meeting invite is determined by the meeting schedule template configured by your admin.

Outlook (web)

Installing for your own use

You can install the hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook add-in for your own use if installing add-ins is permitted by your Office 365 admin.

ClickGet It Now.


Follow the Microsoft App Store prompts to complete the installation.

Scheduling a meeting

Note: Your scheduler settings are synced from the hoanhtao3d.vn web portal.

Open your Outlook web calendar and click New to create a new calendar event.Enter meeting details like the title, location, and guest list.Click the three dotsin the top toolbar. You will see the hoanhtao3d.vn sidebar open, prompting for your hoanhtao3d.vn credentials.


Click hoanhtao3d.vnClickAdd a hoanhtao3d.vn Meeting


Viewing, editing, and removing meetings

Open your Outlook Web Calendar.Click on a hoanhtao3d.vn meeting, and click Edit.


Click the three dotsin the top toolbar. Sign in to your hoanhtao3d.vn account if prompted.Clickhoanhtao3d.vn.ClickSettings.


(Optional) Click Remove, if you want to delete the hoanhtao3d.vn meeting from the event.

Outlook 2013 or 2016 (desktop app)

Note: To install hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook on the Outlook desktop app, you must have a Microsoft Exchange account added to Outlook. Click the File tab to view accounts added:


If you only have an IMAP account, use hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook on the Outlook web app.

Installing for your own use

Open Outlook and click File thenManage Add-ins.Outlook will open a browser to manage your add-ins.

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Click the plus icon thenAdd from the Office Store.


Search for hoanhtao3d.vn for Outlook and click GET IT NOW.


Scheduling a meeting

Note: Your scheduler settings are synced from the hoanhtao3d.vn web portal.

Open the Outlook desktop app and switch to calendar view.In the Home tab, click New Meeting.Enter meeting details like the title, location, and guest list.In the Meeting tab, click Add a hoanhtao3d.vn Meeting.Select your desired video, audio and meeting settings. Click Add hoanhtao3d.vn Meeting to add hoanhtao3d.vn join details to the meeting.


Viewing and editing meetings

Open the Outlook desktop app and switch to calendar view.Double-click a hoanhtao3d.vn meeting to display the meeting details.Click Add a hoanhtao3d.vn Meeting to display the hoanhtao3d.vn meeting options.

Pre-configure SSO login domains

With the hoanhtao3d.vn Office 365 add-in, administrators can deploy the add-in, with the single sign-on (SSO) url preconfigured. With the url preconfigured, if a user is using the Add a hoanhtao3d.vn Meeting or Settings options in the add-in, it will automatically use SSO to authenticate.

Scheduling meetings for others

If you want to schedule on behalf of another hoanhtao3d.vn user, see the article about scheduling privilege.

Note: Scheduling privilege is hoanhtao3d.vned for the add-in on Windows 10 OS 1910 (Outlook build: 16.0.12130.20272 or above), as well as Outlook for Mac 2016, version 16.24 and up.


Authentication error

Issue: The Outlook Add-in has been configured, but will not authenticate and allow you to schedule a meeting,

Suggestion: Allow the following URLs on your network.


Security settings error (Windows, Outlook web)

Issue: Error message from the browser that states: “The security settings in your browser prevent us from creating a dialog box. Try a different browser, or configure your browser so that and the domain shown in your address bar are in the same security zone.”

Suggestion: Add hoanhtao3d.vn to the list of trusted sites in your security settings.

Open the Control Panel.Click Network and Internet or Internet Options.Click the Security tab.Select the Trusted sites zone, then click Sites.Enter the URL that appears in the error message, and clickAdd.Try to use the add-in again. If the problem persists, verify the settings for the other security zones and ensure that the add-in domain is in the same zone as the URL that is displayed in the address bar of the Office application.

Access error (Windows, Outlook desktop)

Issue: Error message in the Windows Outlook application console log: “trunk***.js access denied”.

Suggestion: This occurs because the add-in can”t access local settings and the browser needs to be given permission to enable this access. Follow these steps to enable access:

Ask your IT Admin to run the command “icacls %userprofile%AppdataLocalLow /t /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)L” for all users.Open Internet Explorer. Make sure the browser is not in private mode.Click the gear icon then click Internet options.Click the Security tab. Click Trusted sites then Sites.Enter http://hoanhtao3d.vn.usthen click Add.Click the Enable Protected Mode check box.Make sure the security level is Medium-high.Click the Advanced tab.In the Security section, make sure Enable DOM Storageis checked.

Add-in not working (Windows, Outlook web)

Issue: Outlook add-in is not working correctly.

Suggestion: Turn on script debugging in Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Explorer. Make sure the browser is not in private mode.Click the gear icon then click Internet options.Click the Advancedtab.In the Browsing section, make sureDisable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) is unchecked.Note: Uncheck these settings only to troubleshoot the issue. If you leave them unchecked, you will get prompts when you browse. After the issue is resolved, make sure both options are enabled.

Add-in doesn”t activate in Office 2013 desktop

Issue: The add-in doesn”t activate after you perform these tasks:

Signing in with your Microsoft account in Office 2013.Enabling two-step verification in your Microsoft account.Installing an add-in and verifying your identity.

Suggestion: Verify that the latest Office updates are installed, or do.w.n.lo.ad the update for Office 2013.

Add-in updates not appearing in ribbon menu (Outlook desktop)

Issue: When the add-in updates, changes to ribbon button or menu item do not take effect.

Suggestion: Clear the Office cache of old versions.

Windows: Delete the contents of the folder,%LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftOffice16.0WefMac: Delete the contents of the folder,/Users/{your_name_on_the_device}/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.OsfWebHost/Data/iOS: Call window.location.reload(true) from JavaScript in the add-in to force a reload. Alternatively, you can reinstall Office.

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See the Microsoft hoanhtao3d.vn site for more troubleshooting suggestions.

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