Learn How To Defend Against Spoofing

Spoofing is when a hacker pretends to be someone known by a person or network in order to access sensitive information, often for financial gain. Spoofing can also happen on a deeper technical level, such as with DNS or IP address spoofing. Learn what spoofing is, how spoofing works, and how strong antivirus software can help you defend against these attacks.

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What is spoofing?

Spoofing refers to any type of cybercrime that happens when a hacker impersonates a known contact or source. We can define spoofing as encompassing a variety of tactics all reliant on the hacker’s ability to pass themselves off as someone else.


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Some spoofers disguise their communications, such as emails or phone calls, so that they appear to be coming from a person or organization their intended victim trusts. Spoofing in network security involves fooling a computer or network via a falsified IP address, by redirecting internet traffic at the DNS level, or by faking ARP data within a local access network (LAN).

Why is spoofing bad?

No matter which type of spoofing is used, the basics are always the same: The hacker deceives their victims by pretending to be someone they are not. To understand how spoofing works, think of the classic Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The wolf — in this case, our spoofer — dresses up as a sheep, and by doing so, is welcomed as a friend by the other sheep.

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Once the hacker has obtained the victim’s trust, the danger becomes apparent. Email and phone spoofers manipulate their victims into turning over sensitive personal information, which can lead to financial fraud or identity theft. Hackers frequently use email spoofing to ensnare victims in phishing campaigns.

Other types of spoofing tend to be targeted at networks rather than individuals, with the goals of spreading malware, stealing data, bypassing security systems, or laying the groundwork for subsequent attacks.

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Because spoofing can be used in such a wide variety of ways, it can be a challenge to spot every attack. This is why it’s so important to equip yourself with strong, reliable internet security. hoanhtao3d.vn Free Antivirus constantly scans for incoming threats and keeps you protected against the phishing and malware attacks that spoofers love.

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