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eBoostr adalah software accelerator system yang menggunakan teknologi Readybooster yang memungkinkan untuk mempercepat booting windows, tapi untuk Windows Vista, eBoostr PRO juga dapat digunakan tidak hanya removable disk USB, tetapi juga menyediakan tambahan HDD atau bagian dari RAM. untuk yang belum punya software ini silahkna dicoba.

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The latest and greatest version of eBoostr is now here. The best way to speed up your computer just got better. download now and see for yourself!
eBoostr is designed to make your computer faster. It features an easy to use interface and an auto-configuration wizard which will help you get “up to speed” in no time at all.
Just because your computer is slowing down doesn”t mean it”s time to abandon it. Breathe new life (and speed) into your old computer with eBoostr eBoostr allows you to cache on any major Windows system, running any motherboard and any drive configuration, to any choice of cache medium you want from RAM to SD cards to SSDs with zero CPU overhead.

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eBoostr is compatible with both USB and Non-USB removable storage devices, as well as all “Enhanced for Readyboost”devices Supports up to 4* devices simultaneously, ensuring that eBoostr can keep up with increasing demands on systems Cache file size of up to 4GB on each device (NTFS has no size limit)
eBoostr tracks the use of applications on your system and can pre-cache data of the ones most frequently used, this reduces load delays and optimizes performance Easy to use drag-and-drop interface allows you to selectively enhance applications on your system as well as prioritize applications enhanced by eBoostr Reduced load times and less hard drive access help prolong battery life of laptops and netbooks using eBoostr
32 Bit version of Windows 7 cannot use RAM over 3.25 GB eBoostr 4 can utilize this RAM in the creation of an intelligent cache, boosting your system”s performance
Easy one-step process allows you to configure and manage cache size Autoconfiguration Wizard – Intelligent caching system detects all compatible hardware and recommends best settings for your PC

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System RequirementOS-Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) -Windows Vista (32bit/64bit) -Windows XP (32bit/64bit) -Windows Server 2008 (32bit/64bit) -Windows Server 2003 (32bit/64bitdownload:ShareBeastdownload eBoostr PRO 4.5 Build 575.rar (3.503 KB)download crack eBoostr PRO 4.5 Build 575.rar (759 KB)PERHATIAN!Untuk cara do.w.n.lo.adnya Anda akan diarahkan ke kemudian tunggu 5 detik dan cari tombol SKIP AD yang berada di sebelah kanan atas monitor anda.

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