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Discover Scores

There are many tests included in the application that allows the user to participate in speech tests that are highly professional. These tests allows the users to test how well their English language is and what are their weaknesses as well as strengths through a detailed report to know where to focus.


Fast Paced

The artificial intelligence system within the game selects the lessons which are best suitable for the users and includes above 1,600 lessons having more than 40 topics. There is a built in dictionary as well so that the users can search words and practice them.


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Challenges and More

All the main elements are included in the application such as learning of pronunciation, rhythms, listening, conversations, word stresses, intonation and more. There are many challenges as well that makes the users learn English within seconds as they can compare their English with native speakers, receive instructions to correct their English, get feedback on their pronunciation through the advanced feedback feature and can also watch videos to look for proper pronunciation to learn.


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Q. Does ELSA Speak have a trial account?

Yes! The users will have access to all the features completely for up to 2 lessons that are free of charge as well as the registration does not cost money.Q. Can ELSA Speak be studied offline?Unfortunately No! As ELSA Speak requires connection with server to communicate and provide with best lessons so it does require a strong and stable internet connection.Q. Why cannot my code be activated again in ELSA Speak?Each activation code given to users is for a single time use so to use it on your other device simply log in through you pro account and you will be good to go.Q. Why do I select ELSA Speak than the English language centers to study English?The answer is simple as ELSA Speak is much handy that you can take anywhere and anytime with then this app is accurate as it gives attention to all the aspects of English language and lastly it comes in a very reasonable price.


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