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Create your footballer, control your line up and play with friends & other live players Worldwide in a desktop computer or a mobile device browser (iOS/Android);

Take full control: join the Club or become a Manager; train your Footballer or your Squad; Play or Bid – all aspects of the game are up to you;

A Classical 2D presentation of the football games, with many unexpected changes on the field, as well as commentaries “live”, ensure Every Game is Fun;

An Active Participation of both a Manager and his Teammates determines the triumph or fiasco of each match – this is more than a Football Manager Game;

A Soccer Manager at its truest form, where the career of your Footballer, Team Tactics, as well as the success of each game (or maybe even a Football Team as a whole) are in your hands!


Various skill-changing items can be collected from the Packs or acquired from other users as many times as you want;

Our Football Manager Game offers you a diversity of Packs divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold, to name but a few;

The higher the level of the Pack is, the higher the chances of receiving Item Cards that add up to +50 of Skill;

Received Item Cards can be upgraded further during the game, up to the Platinum level!


As a Football Manager, you have full control over your Club, including managing said Club; inviting New Users; building a Larger Stadium; examining the Transfer Market; leading Football Teams; competing in the Championship; or playing in a PVP Trick Shots Game – an essentially Unlimited Choice of what to do, how, and when;

Additionally, you can experience Friendlies & League Games, Chat with other players Live, Renew or Close contracts, Increase your Income – control every aspect of the game, and feel like a True Soccer Manager;

Your participation in Matches & Training Camps matters. FOOTBALLTEAM is a Living, Breathing Game World of Unparalleled Realism, and not a mere simulation of the probable outcome ;

Both Clubs” and Individual Trophies are available, including a huge weekly “Top 3” Award Pool in various categories. In FOOTBALLTEAM anyone can get a prize!


The More, the Merrier – Invite your Friends so that you can Get Additional In-Game Rewards;

Our Football Manager has a Huge Social Element with a plethora of Absolutely Unprecedented Rewards for the “Super Teams” and their Managers. Do you fancy your Local Club Uniform in Our Game? No problem! Win the Cup, and we will make a Skin especially for you;

Lead your team to success in our Football Manager Game – create Your Own Football Club or join an existing online;

FOOTBALLTEAM is everything you ever wanted in a Football Manager and then some!



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Top Managers & Superstar Players wanted!

We invite you to play a match or two – no installation needed – just the Browser. Sign up, and you”re ready to roll. Thousands of matches are played on a daily basis.

An updated FOOTBALLTEAM is a continuation of the Best Online Football Manager Series, a one-of-a-kind sports masterpiece from Poland. In case you were wondering, today marks the twelfth year since the official launch of the game.

From a Superstar Player to a Superstar Manager – you can make a Name for Yourself, develop your Career and analyze the League at the same time! Do you have the skills to take on Each Role? Chances are, you”re one step away from your Quest for Glory already…

Registration is Now Open and the Best Players from Russia, Poland & South America are already competing for the Top Positions in the Championship.

You can create your footballer, start training, and play matches right after registration! Simply enter your nickname, email address, and password to login.

You don”t need our permission to enter the League, join the Ranks of Managers & become a Football Star, do you?!

So what are you waiting for? Select your Language and join the Server already. For newcomers, we recommend entering Existing Clubs and asking our veterans for guidance. You can meet them in the game”s Built-in Chat.

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You will have an immense amount of different options and activities as soon as you login into your account, including Profile Page, Character Screen, Upgrades, Training Tools, Tasks, Championships, Match Tactics, Club, Lounge Space, Store, Bids, and Messages to name but a few.

Take control – together with other players around the World become The Ultimate FOOTBALLTEAM Manager.

Season awaits!

FOOTBALLTEAM is years ahead of its competition. Fans All Over the World Agree – Gameplay is Easy to Follow but Hard to Master! Numerous content & game updates over the years and the help of our loyal community of true football fans resulted in a Free-to-Play Football Management Game that delivers. Teams require Skilled Managers, so Take Control & Create Your Account Now!

Consequently, each player who decides to look after the whole team in the managers” shoes will be able to do so. Although it”s easy to create a Club, a well-coordinated squad is needed in order to get it to the Top.

Start from gaining the trust of other users. Proper development and motivation of champions on all levels is something to consider too. And don”t forget to complete different training sessions in order to develop your team. Do you have what it takes to become the best Football Manager?

Take charge of Club”s Management upgrading the Stadium, making it profitable. Use a Range of Tactics for competing with others in all Major Leagues your way.

Analyzing your team”s actions using a Match Report is also quite important. You have to monitor the situation at all times as matches could be extremely dynamic and unpredictable.

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The Top Players could compete in various prestigious Football Events in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the US., having an opportunity to win National Cups & International Trophies!

A new version of the Game provides many options – it”s more than a Football Manager Online…

… and you”re in control!

FOOTBALLTEAM is preparing many interesting updates in the Season of 2021: an American server launch, cross-server games, improved built-in player instructions, improved player support, refreshed item cards & animation, to name but a few. All that and more to give a Supreme Football Manager Game for Users of Any Age.

Join the New Football Manager Online, an International Football Sensation – One Football Manager that Rules them All!

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