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UU Game Booster application helps to make hot games in the market such as Mobile Coalition, Onmyoji Arena, Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile can be optimized and enhanced connectivity on mobile devices. Thus, your game experience will always be smooth even during rush hour.

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For those of you who have a mobile gaming hobby MOBA, FPS, survival, turn-based shooting, . the jerky, lag is a taboo. Line quality is one of the decisive factors directly to the outcome of the match, no matter how high your level and skill will not make sense when the lag situation continues to occur. out, but expressing that your character keeps standing still, the screen displays the character”s actions slower than the actual operation, .

To overcome this situation, NetEase has launched UU Game Booster application to help the hot games in the market such as Mobile Union, Onmyoji Arena, Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile can be optimized and enhanced. Connectivity on mobile devices. Thus, your game experience will always be smooth even during rush hour.

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Instructions for shock and lag when playing mobile games with UU Game Booster

UU Game Booster has a capacity of less than 8Mb so it works quite gently, especially very simple to use when you just need to select the game that wants to speed up and experience it smoothly. Specifically, you proceed to do.w.n.lo.ad and install UU Game Booster application for Android, iPhone suitable for the device you are using here.

download UU Game Booster for iOSdownload UU Game Booster for Android

Next, you start the UU Game Booster application up. At the initial interface to access this application, the system will display all the online games that you have installed on your computer. And to reduce Ping lag for PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Lien Quan Mobile or other mobile titles with UU Game Booster, you just need to click the Booster icon on the game you want to play. Soon a process clock will be launched, waiting for UU Game Booster to check the connection and establish a more stable connection, the game you have selected will be started.

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To verify the ability to reduce shock and lag when playing mobile games with UU Game Booster, you can look down to monitor the information about the quality of the VPN network that it moves automatically like the PING index, status server, . compare the results of PING index before and after switching VPN with UU Booster to see this clearly.


In addition, the app”s All game section also tells you all the games it supports, most of which are games released from China. The plus sign under each game allows you to add to the activity list provided that they are installed on your device. To personal account, UU Game Booster adds account management login feature to re-install or receive some other offers.


In general, UU Game Booster is primarily dedicated to games released in China, because of this favor, the quality of UU Game Boosster is very stable. According to some users on Play Store, this application received a high number of 5-star votes, while the positive comments were increasing.

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It can be said that UU Game Booster is a “powerful assistant” for players who have to play games on old devices and have medium-level hardware. Its highlights are very easy to use. Hopefully, the program will help you feel more effects when playing games.

Wish you have an enjoyable experience!

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